You can now register for the Berlin Scholarship to study after being accepted into a university in Berlin. It is possible to enroll in one of the Berlin universities in one of the following specializations:

  • Full tourism and hotel specializations
  • Specializations in human medicine and pharmacy
  • Dentistry and veterinary medicine
  • Engineering specializations
  • Applied scientific specializations
  • Political majors
  • Law and business
  • Business Management
  • Religious sciences majors
  • Specialization in artificial intelligence
  • Trade specializations
  • Literary majors
  • Specialization in Psychology and Sociology
  • Specialization in international relations
  • Biochemical sciences majors

Benefits of Berlin Scholarship

  • The Berlin Scholarship funds tuition fees.
  • Accommodation costs are financed
  • Salary 550 euros per month.
  • Providing a travel allowance for your trip to Berlin worth 1000 euros.
  • It will cover the expenses of learning German.

Conditions for the Berlin Scholarship

  • You must have a high school diploma, equivalent, or university degree.
  • You must send the required files directly to the Berlin Foundation.
  • Your average is higher than 75% to be able to obtain admission to a Berlin university.
  • Students are allowed to work while receiving the Berlin Scholarship.

Documents required for registration

To register, just fill out the application document that you can download here, and then send it to the Berlin Foundation.

  • Grant registration application document
  • A copy of the passport
  • recommendation Letter Required in English.
  • Biography In English.
  • Secondary school certificate.
  • Motivational letter (one or two pages)
  • A copy of the latest school or university certificate with an overview of grades and grade point average

Copies of the following documents, if any, must be attached:

  • University entrance or admission qualification from the University of Berlin/Potsdam or the technical college where the applicant wishes to study (or is already studying)
  • Evidence of the language skills necessary for the intended course of study in the form of an internationally recognized language certificate (if the application does not contain any corresponding evidence, this must be provided later during the verification process at the latest)
  • جميع شهادات العمل وtraining and training

All application documents must be submitted in German or English. Applicants can submit simple translations of their school and university certificates along with copies of original documents.

We also recommend that all applicants submit the following documents, which are not mandatory:

  • One or two letters of recommendation from professors, school teachers, employers, etc.
  • Proof of net household income (if the application only contains information about net household income, proof must be provided later in the verification process at the latest)

Note: Registration is free and the organization does not appoint anyone to register, and there is no agent for registration whatsoever. The student does not have to pay money to anyone in exchange for registering for the scholarship.

The first step is to enter the applicant’s personal data.

Berlin Scholarship for All Students Fully Funded STUDYSHOOT

The second step is to enter the address information and contact the applicant.

Berlin Scholarship for All Students Fully Funded STUDYSHOOT

Third Step: Click on the next page and complete the application information.