German Evonik Foundation Scholarship Evonik is a world-class institute offering Postgraduate, Doctoral and Diploma Scholarship Program open to international students.

 The German Evonik Stiftung Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to hardworking, talented and deserving students in all countries selected to apply for the scholarship. Evonik Educational Foundation Scholarship welcomes students to enroll themselves in Postgraduate, PhD and Diploma program and earn funding, depends on the applicant in Germany

The German Evonik Foundation scholarship can be offered to diploma, master’s, doctoral, and scientific research students (master’s theses, doctoral, post-doctoral studies). The aim of the scholarship is to actively promote young students with special skills and talents.

Conditions for diploma, master’s and doctoral scholarships

  • Complete the scholarship application completely within the specified dates
  • The requirement to obtain a recognized academic qualification.
  • You have the right drive and motivation to apply
  • Should your research project be thematically consistent with the annual grant project?
  • If you need this grant and prove the need for it, do not accept the grant with third party grants if the third party is able to fully fund you.
  • Your research project must be thematically consistent with the annual grant project.
  • Your scientific research is carried out in a famous way, chemically
  • A working group at a German university or research institute.
  • Your academic achievements to date are excellent.
  • If you need this grant and prove the need for it, do not accept the grant with third party grants if the third party is able to fully fund you.

Benefits of the German Evonik Foundation Scholarship

  • This scholarship funds tuition fees
  • This scholarship funds travel costs
  • This scholarship funds accommodation costs
  • You will get assistance in submitting your student visa application
  • A monthly stipend will be provided to cover living expenses.
  • The diploma’s salary is 450 euros per month.
  • The master’s salary is 600 euros per month.
  • The doctoral salary is 1400 euros per month.

Steps to register for the German Evonik Foundation scholarship

  • If you think you are the person listed under “Scholarship Award” and you meet the needs, just send a summary of your research project by email [email protected].
  • After your paper has been examined by specific reviewers, you will be informed whether you can submit a full application or submit a cancellation.
  • Please note that you will be submitting your abstract by 12 February at the latest.
  • Second Stage: If you receive a positive opinion after the first stage, you will be required to submit complete application documents.

You will need to send all of the following:

Translation of documents must be done by a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well.

  • A copy of the passport or ID.
  • The last certificate you obtained must be translated.
  • A statement of the student’s grades for the last academic degree obtained, translated into English.
  • Motivation letter.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • Biography.
  • Training certificates if you have them.
  • Work experience certificates if you have previous experience.
  • Volunteer certificates if you participated previously With volunteer opportunities.

At Study Shoot, we help you cover and prepare the documents required to register for the scholarship, and the most important of these documents are the CV, letter of motivation, and letters of recommendation.

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  • The topic and research objective of the scientific work (maximum 10 pages) with the following contents:
  •  Introduction with the latest developments
  • Summary and objectives of the research
  • Planned experiments