The application period for the Ibn Khaldun University Doctoral Scholarship in Turkey is April 4 - May 22, and you should know that this opportunity is available every year.

Registration requirements At Ibn Khaldun University

  • The student must have a passport
  • Documentation of mastery English language
  • Documents are accepted in Turkish, Arabic, German, English and French only; 
  • Other languages ​​must be translated into either English or Turkish. 
  • Original documents and official translations into Turkish must be submitted upon registration
  • Two academic letters of recommendation 
  • Statement of purpose

Pre-grant language preparation

Students are committed to achieving proficiency in Turkish and Arabic by the time they graduate. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for admission as stated in the application requirements.

Students who are not fluent in Turkish or Arabic will have to complete the Scientific Preparation Year program before starting studies. 

Advantages of the Turkish Ibn Khaldun University Scholarship

All students are accepted with different degrees of scholarships to obtain tuition fee waiver.

  • The duration of the scholarships is nine months per year.
  • Scholarships and grants are subject to renewal annually.