Studying the specialty of aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is a specialized professional field related to the maintenance and repair of aircraft and air vehicles. Also known as the aviation maintenance specialty. This specialty aims to maintain the safety and readiness of aircraft, and to ensure that they meet all technical and safety requirements.

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Tasks for graduates of the aircraft maintenance major

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  1. Periodic inspection: This includes checking the aircraft’s systems and structures periodically to ensure that there are no damages or malfunctions.
  2. Damage Repair: Aircraft maintenance repairs damage resulting from accidents or corrosion.
  3. Preventive maintenance: includes periodic and appropriate procedures to keep parts and systems in good condition.
  4. Renewal and modernization of parts: It may be necessary to renew or update some parts to maintain the efficiency of the aircraft and improve its performance.
  5. Installing and testing electronic equipment and devices: Tests are performed to ensure that installed electronic devices are functioning properly according to technical standards.
  6. Safety monitoring: includes checking and testing vital parts based on safety rules and ensuring that the aircraft is ready for safe operation.

There are several specializations within the field of aircraft maintenance, such as:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician: Works on routine maintenance procedures and minor repairs.
  • Avionics Technician: Deals with the electronic equipment and electronic devices on board the aircraft.
  • Airframe Technician: Responsible for repairing aircraft structures, wings, and fuselage.
  • Aircraft Engine Technician: Specialized in aircraft engine maintenance and repair.

Aircraft maintenance work requires high technical skills and work precision, and technicians must adhere to strict civil and military aviation standards and regulations to ensure safety and quality. This job can be physically demanding and requires working in difficult environments, such as large workshops and airports.

The most important areas of specialization in aircraft maintenance

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

The aircraft maintenance specialty includes several specialized fields that deal with various aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair. These areas include:

Line Maintenance:

It includes routine checks and maintenance performed before and after each aircraft flight. Aviation maintenance includes checking engines and basic systems and verifying the aircraft's safety and readiness to fly.

Base Maintenance:

It is the most detailed and comprehensive maintenance, and is usually carried out in well-equipped ground facilities. Base maintenance includes detailed periodic inspection and comprehensive overhaul procedures involving airframes, internal systems and engines.

Engine Maintenance:

The aircraft maintenance specialty focuses on the maintenance and repair of jet and helicopter engines used in aircraft. This field requires specialized skills in dealing with aero-engine technology.

Airframe and Wings:

It is concerned with the maintenance of aircraft structures and wings. These areas include repairing structural damage and inspecting parts exposed to corrosion and stress.

Aircraft systems and electronic equipment (Avionics and Systems):

This field focuses on maintaining the electronic and electrical systems inside an aircraft, such as navigation, communications, surveillance, and control systems.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance – UAS:

It is concerned with the maintenance and repair of drones and associated systems.

Mechanical Maintenance:

This field includes all mechanical work related to aircraft, whether frames, engines or operating devices.

Composite Maintenance:

Relates to the maintenance and repair of composite parts made of composite materials such as glass and carbon fibres.

It is noted that the specialty of aircraft maintenance is constantly evolving with the advancement of technology and innovation in the field of aviation. Therefore, this list is not completely exhaustive and the aviation industry may look to new areas resulting from technical advances and future needs.

Advantages of studying aircraft maintenance

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

One of the most important advantages of studying Aircraft maintenance specialty It is the high job security that specialists in this field enjoy. As the global aviation industry continues to grow and the fleet of aircraft in operation expands, the demand for aircraft maintenance professionals remains strong. This continued growth means that those who pursue a career in this field are likely to enjoy good job security.

In addition, aircraft maintenance requires specialized skills and deep technical knowledge, making these specialists difficult to replace easily.

good salary

Often specialists Aircraft Maintenance They receive good salaries that reflect the precise nature of the work and the great responsibility placed on their shoulders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for aircraft mechanics and service technicians was $64,090 in 2020. As they gain more experience and obtain advanced certifications, specialists can significantly increase their income. A good salary also reflects the need for precision of work and high efficiency in performing the required tasks.

Opportunities for advancement

Opportunities for career advancement are considered Aircraft Maintenance Among the most prominent advantages that make this specialty attractive. Many professionals begin their careers as technicians, then work their way up to positions of greater responsibility and higher pay. Those with advanced degrees or specialized skills can take on leadership roles, such as supervising other technicians or managing maintenance operations. These opportunities for advancement enhance the possibility of career development and long-term professional success.

Personal satisfaction

Working in the field Aircraft Maintenance It can be very rewarding on a personal level. This field suits individuals who enjoy solving problems and have a keen interest in mechanics and technology. Contributing to the safety and reliability of aircraft provides a sense of great personal satisfaction, as professionals feel that they are providing an important service that contributes to maintaining the safety of aviation and the lives of passengers.

Diversity of work

specialty Aircraft Maintenance It offers great variety in daily work. Dealing with different types of aircraft and their components requires a variety of skills and knowledge. This variety prevents the feeling of routine and boredom, making every work day new and exciting. In addition, specialists can work in different environments such as airports, large maintenance facilities, and even in aircraft manufacturers, providing diversity in work environments as well.

Continuous training

Continuing training is an essential part of a career Aircraft Maintenance. With aircraft technology constantly evolving, professionals need to stay up to date with the latest developments and technologies. This ongoing training ensures that specialists are qualified to deal with any new challenges that arise in the field. This training also enhances opportunities for career advancement and professional development.


One of the important aspects of Aircraft maintenance specialty It is teamwork. Aircraft maintenance requires coordination between a team of technicians and engineers to ensure that all systems are working properly. This teamwork enhances the spirit of cooperation and effective communication between individuals, which contributes to achieving common goals effectively and efficiently.

International recognition

feature Aircraft maintenance specialty It is internationally recognized, giving professionals job opportunities in various parts of the world. This international recognition opens broad horizons for career mobility and working in diverse cultural environments, which adds to the expertise of professionals and opens new doors for professional development.

The importance of the role

The importance of the role of specialists cannot be overlooked Aircraft Maintenance In the aviation industry. They inspect, maintain and repair aircraft to ensure their safety and efficient performance. This vital role makes aircraft maintenance a noble profession with a significant impact on aviation safety.

In conclusion, it can be said that the study Aircraft maintenance specialty It offers many advantages that make it an attractive career choice. From job security and good pay to opportunities for advancement and personal satisfaction, this major offers a challenging and rewarding career path.

If you have a passion for mechanics and technology and are looking for a career that allows you to make a real contribution to aviation safety, then... Aircraft maintenance specialty It may be the perfect choice for you.

Disadvantages of studying aircraft maintenance specialization

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

While there are many advantages to studying aircraft maintenance, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:

  1. Physical Demands: Working in aircraft maintenance can be physically demanding, as technicians may need to work in confined spaces, lift heavy objects, and perform tasks that require manual dexterity and fine motor skills.
  2. Safety Concerns: Working on aircraft has some inherent safety risks, as technicians may be exposed to hazardous materials, such as fuels and lubricants, and may work with equipment that has the potential to cause injury if not used properly.
  3. Shift work: Many aircraft maintenance professionals work on a shift basis, which may include working evenings, weekends, and holidays. This may be difficult for those who prefer a more traditional work schedule.
  4. Limited Advancement Opportunities: While there are opportunities for advancement in the aircraft maintenance field, the number of supervisory or management positions may be limited, especially in smaller organizations.
  5. Cost: Earning a degree in aircraft maintenance can be expensive, as tuition, materials, and other expenses can add up. It is important to carefully consider the financial investment required before deciding to study this field.

Study materials in aircraft maintenance

Aviation maintenance students typically study a variety of topics related to the inspection, repair, and modification of aircraft and aircraft systems. These may include:

Students majoring in aviation maintenance study a group of basic and specialized subjects that enable them to understand the theories and technical concepts associated with aircraft maintenance and apply them practically. The curriculum and subjects that students must study vary between different universities and institutes, but there are some common topics included in the aviation maintenance specialization program, including:

General materials:

  • Mathematics and Physics: To understand the scientific and engineering principles that govern flight operations and maintenance.
  • Chemistry: To understand the properties of materials and the effects of the environment on aircraft.

Aviation Engineering:

  • Aeronautics: Understanding the principles of flight and aerodynamics.
  • Airframes: Study of the design and structure of aircraft structures and dealing with damage and corrosion.
  • Aviation Systems: Understanding the different systems used in aircraft such as command and control systems, landing and take-off systems.

Aircraft engines:

  • Studying aircraft engines, their types, how they operate, and the maintenance required for them.

Air maintenance:

  • Routine maintenance procedures and periodic inspections of aircraft.
  • Response to breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Basic maintenance:

  • Advanced and comprehensive repair and maintenance of aircraft structures.
  • Advanced inspection of engines and aircraft systems.

Electricity and electronics:

  • Maintenance and repair of electronic and electrical devices and systems on board aircraft.

Aviation safety:

  • Understand safety standards and legislation related to aircraft maintenance.

In addition to the theoretical and practical aspects of maintenance, the training program may include practical skills, such as training on the use of different tools and equipment and how to work safely in different areas on board aircraft. All of this aims to qualify students to become qualified technicians to work in the field of aircraft maintenance in its various specializations.

Costs of studying aircraft maintenance specialization

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

The cost of studying aircraft maintenance can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the type of program, location, and length of the program. Some programs may be more expensive than others because of the facilities and resources they offer, or because they are located in an area with a higher cost of living.

In the United States, the cost of a degree in aircraft maintenance can range from several thousand dollars for a certificate or associate's degree program to tens of thousands of dollars for a bachelor's degree program. Some programs may also require students to purchase materials, such as textbooks, or pay additional fees for facilities or services.

It is important to carefully research the costs of different programs and consider the full range of expenses, including tuition, fees, materials and living costs, when deciding which program to attend. Many schools offer financial aid to help students cover the cost of education and other expenses, and it is worth exploring these options to see if you qualify for aid.

Here is important information about the costs of studying aviation maintenance

  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in ألمانيا It ranges between 5000 and 7000 euros per semester.
  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in Sweden It ranges between 120 SEK – 000 SEK.
  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in United kingdom £9 per academic year.
  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It ranges between 60 Saudi riyals - 000 Saudi riyals.
  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in The United Arab Emirates It ranges between AED 70 - AED 000.
  • The cost of studying aircraft maintenance in بلجيكا It ranges between 900-1500 euros per academic year.

What is the difference between aircraft structure mechanics and engine mechanics?

Airframe mechanics and engine mechanics are two different specialties associated with aircraft maintenance, each focusing on different aspects of the aircraft. Here's the difference between them:

Airframe Mechanics:

  • Airframe mechanics deals with the structural parts of an aircraft, such as the wings, the fuselage, the tail, and other components of the structure.
  • Mechanics are interested in inspecting and maintaining these parts to ensure their safety and ensure that they meet technical and safety standards.
  • Possible damage, wear and tear are checked and damaged parts are repaired or replaced as needed.

Powerplant Mechanics:

  • Engine mechanics focuses on aircraft engines and their associated systems, including jet engines and turbofan engines.
  • Mechanics periodically inspect and maintain engines to ensure their good performance and that there are no problems affecting thrust and efficiency.
  • Engine mechanic work includes inspecting, repairing, and refurbishing the internal parts of engines and ensuring that the associated systems are working.

In general, airframe mechanics is concerned with everything related to the structural parts of an aircraft and keeping them in good condition, while engine mechanics focuses on the aircraft's engines and taking care of their efficient performance to ensure that the aircraft operates smoothly and safely.

Top 10 universities forAircraft maintenance specialty

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

It is difficult to rank universities or schools based on the quality of their aircraft maintenance programs, as the best program for an individual depends on their specific goals and needs. However, some universities and schools known for their strong programs in aircraft maintenance or related fields include:

  1. Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
  2. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
  4. California State University, Long Beach (Long Beach, California, United States)
  5. Cranfield University (Cranfield, UK)
  6. Technical University of Munich (Munich, Germany)
  7. Delft University of Technology (Delft, Netherlands)
  8. University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
  9. National Cheng Kung University (Tainan, Taiwan)
  10. Beihang University (Beijing, China).

1. Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Purdue University is considered one of the leading universities in the field Aircraft Maintenance. The university offers an integrated program that includes theoretical study and practical training. The university also provides advanced facilities and modern workshops that help students acquire the skills necessary to excel in this field.

2. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)

Embry-Riddle University is an aerospace and engineering institution. It is considered a program Aircraft Maintenance This university is among the best in the world, providing an excellent educational environment that combines academic knowledge with practical application.

3. Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Georgia Institute of Technology is known for its advanced engineering programs, including... Aircraft Maintenance. The institute offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the scientific and technical foundations of this major, ensuring the graduation of highly qualified students.

4. California State University, Long Beach (Long Beach, California, United States)

California State University Long Beach offers a program Aircraft Maintenance Which combines theoretical education and practical training. The program is distinguished by providing field training opportunities in major airline companies, which gives students direct practical experience before graduation.

5. Cranfield University (Cranfield, UK)

Cranfield University is a leading university in the field of aviation and aerospace engineering. Provides a program Aircraft Maintenance The university has an integrated curriculum that includes different aspects of the specialization such as electronic systems, aerostructures, and engines.

6. Technical University of Munich (Munich, Germany)

Technical University of Munich is known for its distinguished engineering programmes, including... Aircraft Maintenance. The program is distinguished by its focus on scientific research and technical development, which helps students stay informed of the latest developments in the field of aviation.

7. Delft University of Technology (Delft, Netherlands)

Delft University of Technology is one of the most prominent technical universities in Europe. Provides a program Aircraft Maintenance The university has a comprehensive curriculum that combines academic education with extensive practical training, effectively preparing students to work in the aviation industry.

8. University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

The University of Queensland offers a programme Aircraft Maintenance Which is considered among the best in the Asia Pacific region. The program is characterized by quality education and modern facilities that help students acquire the necessary technical skills.

9. National Cheng Kung University (Tainan, Taiwan)

National Cheng Kung University is known for its strong engineering programs, including... Aircraft Maintenance. The program provides an integrated curriculum that includes theoretical and practical aspects, which excellently prepares students for the job market.

10. Beihang University (Beijing, China)

Beihang University is one of the leading aviation universities in China. Provides a program Aircraft Maintenance The university offers a comprehensive education that focuses on the technical and administrative aspects of this major, which helps students excel in their careers.

Choosing the right university to study Aircraft maintenance specialty It depends on many factors such as the quality of the programme, availability of practical training, educational facilities, as well as the academic reputation of the university. However, the above-mentioned universities are considered among the best educational institutions that offer distinguished programs in this vital field.

When thinking about your future career in... Aircraft maintenance specialtyStudents should also consider job opportunities available after graduation, the availability of practical training and partnerships with major airlines. These factors play a crucial role in building a successful career in this field.

In general, the Aircraft Maintenance It is a specialty that requires a lot of precision and technical knowledge, and therefore good education and extensive practical training are the basis for success in this field. Therefore, students are advised to choose universities that provide comprehensive educational programs and extensive practical training to ensure a comprehensive education that helps them excel in their careers.

In conclusion, it can be said that Aircraft maintenance specialty It is one of the specializations that requires good preparation and distinguished education to ensure success and excellence in this vital and important field. By choosing one of the above-mentioned universities, students can put themselves on the right path to building a successful and prosperous career in the aviation industry.

Salaries of aviation maintenance graduates

STUDYSHOOT aircraft maintenance specialization

The salary level for aviation maintenance graduates depends on several factors, including the country in which the graduate works, the work location, his or her work experience, and the level of education obtained. Salaries may vary greatly from one country to another and even within the same country. Here are some suggested average salaries for aviation maintenance graduates:

  • In the United States: Aviation maintenance graduates can expect salaries ranging from $40,000 to $80,000 per year at the beginning of their career. Salaries may increase with experience and the acquisition of additional certifications.
  • In the UK: Aviation maintenance graduates can expect salaries ranging from £20,000 to £40,000 per year initially. Salaries may increase with experience and additional specializations.
  • In Australia: Aviation maintenance graduates can expect salaries of between 50,000 and 80,000 AUD per year at the start of their career.
  • In the UAE: Aviation maintenance graduates can expect salaries ranging from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 per month initially, and salaries may be higher in some larger companies.

Please note that these figures are general estimates and may vary depending on individual circumstances, job requirements and the aviation industry in each country. Salaries can be higher or lower than these numbers depending on several factors.

Sources: National Aviation Association | Aviation Week

Studying the specialty of aircraft maintenance

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