The most funded startups in the UAE 2024

The most funded startups in the UAE

Many sources talk about the top 10 UAE-based startups that have shown exceptional growth in the past year.

The classification was measured based on four pillars:

  • Employment growth
  • Engagement with the company and its current employees,
  • interest in the job,
  • And attract the best talent.

The report shows that while global employment is trending down across various markets, the UAE has been an exception as it has shown a growth of over 8 per cent in employment.

The most important startups in the UAE are:

  1. acres 
  2. postpay 
  3. Pure Harvest Smart Farms 
  4. The Giving Movement 
  5. Right Farm 
  6. Tabby
  7. Sarwa
  8. Baraka 
  9. Opuntia 
  10. Huspy

ekar company 

They are car sharing startups based in the UAE that provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to car ownership. The company offers a fleet of vehicles, which can be rented by the hour, by the day or for longer periods, and can be rented via the mobile application. Ekar aims to provide a convenient, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for mobility in the UAE.

Postpay company 

Postpay is a UAE-based fintech company that provides a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional credit cards. The company offers a digital line of credit that can be used for online shopping, bill payments, and other daily expenses. The postpaid credit line can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted and the credit limit can be increased based on the user's spending behavior. The company aims to provide a simple and convenient way for people to manage their finances and make purchases online.

Pure Harvest Company

They are agritech startups based in the UAE that provide sustainable and scalable indoor farming solutions. The company uses hydroponic technology to grow crops indoors, reducing the need for soil and water, and creating a controlled environment to achieve consistent yields. Pure Harvest's goal is to provide fresh, healthy food to consumers while reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

The Giving Movement Company 

The Giving Movement is a social enterprise based in the UAE that provides a platform for individuals and businesses to give back to their communities. The company aims to create a culture of giving and social responsibility in the UAE by connecting donors to charities and local causes. The Giving Movement provides a simple and effective way for people to make a positive impact in their communities.

Tabby Company

They are fintech startups based in the UAE that provide a digital platform for managing business expenses. The company offers a business credit card that integrates with accounting software, allowing businesses to simplify their expense management and gain real-time insights into their spending. Tabby aims to make expense management simple and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Sarwa Company

Sarwa is a UAE-based robo-advisory platform that provides affordable and accessible investment services to individuals. The platform offers a range of investment portfolios tailored to different investment objectives and risk profiles, and uses a combination of algorithms and human expertise to manage investments. Sarwa aims to make investing simple and accessible to everyone.

Baraka company 

Baraka is a social enterprise based in the UAE that provides a platform to support local businesses and communities. The company offers a range of products and services that promote sustainable and responsible consumption, and supports local businesses by sourcing products from them. Baraka aims to create a more sustainable and equitable economy by empowering local businesses and communities.

Opuntia Company

Opontia was founded by e-commerce experts to enable online sellers to realize the full value of their brands. The journey began when two founders who shared a similar vision met and decided to combine their skill sets to create the region’s first fully digital “House of Brands”.

The company was founded at the beginning of 2021 and has rapidly expanded into new geographies. Today, Oponxia is present in four of the largest online retail economies in the European and Middle Eastern Economic Area, with offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Istanbul and Warsaw.

Huspy Company

Pet care technology startups based in the UAE. The company provides a platform for booking pet care services such as dog walking, grooming, and pet grooming. Huspy aims to make pet care simple and accessible for pet owners, and provide flexible employment opportunities for pet carers. The company uses technology to match pet owners with experienced, vetted pet caregivers, and provides tools to manage and track services.

Eureeca company

Eureeca is a UAE-based crowdfunding platform that provides a way for entrepreneurs to raise capital from a global network of investors. The platform allows entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and raise money from individual investors, providing access to capital that may not be available through traditional financing channels. Eureeca aims to democratize access to finance for entrepreneurs, and provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of investment opportunities. The platform uses a combination of technology and expert review to ensure that only high-quality investment opportunities are presented to investors.

Start-up companies in the UAE

rankingStart-upsfounderDescriptionYear Founded
1EKarWilhelm HedbergCar sharing service2016
2washingmenJad Helwi and Rami ShaarLaundry pickup upon request2015
3EureecaChristopher Thomas, Sam QawasmiCrowdfunding platform2013
4Carpool ArabiaBenjamin de Tersac, Guillaume ArnaultCar use2014
5MrUstaIbrahim Colak, Donia Othman, Onur Tabli, Serhan YazigiCustomer services upon request2014
6Canary IslandsEdmond Al-Husseini - Sobhi FarahCustomer survey and feedback tools2013
7StukkAmmar Al-Aradi, Gaurav DharRoadside assistance app2015
8PopArabiaHussein Speek YoussefMusic publisher2011
9BridgeMusa Beidas and Nadim Al-JaroudiSmartphone payment platform2014
10ICFLIXCarlos Slim-Fadi MahioVideo on demand platform2012
The most funded startups in the UAE

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