As one of the most widely used man-made products on the planet, concrete is all around us:

In our homes and offices; Our roads and the bridges that connect us. Wind farms that provide us with energy; And the sea barriers that protect us. As the sustainable building material of choice, it provides safe, durable and resilient structures as well as providing the foundation for renewable energy infrastructure.

We want to inspire you to celebrate the vital role concrete plays in our world – its beauty, versatility, strength, durability and sustainability.

The “Concrete in Life” photography contest is easy to enter, and is open to amateur and professional photographers around the world.

Benefits and benefits

  1. The first winner will receive the “Best Image of Concrete in Everyday Life” award and a cash prize of US$10000.
  2. The remaining amateur and professional winners will each win a $2500 prize.

Application criteria

Competition categories:

  • Urban design and use.
  • Concrete infrastructure.
  • Concrete in daily life.
  • Beauty and design.

Judging criteria:

  • the influence.
  • Creativity and style.
  • Genesis.
  • view photo.
  • Center of attention.
  • Lighting.
  • Color balance.
  • Technical excellence.
  • Imaging technology.
  • Telling the story and theme.

What type of photos are acceptable?

Judges will be looking for great images of concrete brought to life – images that tell a great story or ones that catch the eye. We're also keenly looking for images that depict sustainable concrete – and how it contributes to making society greener.