The Center for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship will host the 12th annual Baylor New Venture Competition at Baylor University's Foster Campus for Business and Innovation. 

Entrepreneurship competition conditions

An entrepreneurship competition open to teams of accredited nonprofit college students and recent graduates around the world.

There is no limit to the number of teams from one university that may apply.

Business plan and Contest The elevator pitch showcases undergraduate students who have created, managed and led projects from around the world. The competition provides participants with personal and professional development through:

  • Industry-specific guidance towards sustainable business plans,
  • Exclusive access to leading experts and fellow innovators,
  • And an opportunity to compete for cash prizes and vital resources worth more than $250.

Since its inception, more than 600 student entrepreneurs from around the world have applied to compete in the competition. Nearly $XNUMX million in cash and prizes were awarded to these entrepreneurs.

Several finalists achieved additional successes.

Applicants will receive expert advice throughout the competition cycle:

  • Executive Summary Notes
  • Notes about the business plan
  • Individual guidance
  • Pitch training rounds
  • Feedback sessions
  • Final presentation notes

Finals Day will include presentations with judge Q&A, networking, business presentation, audience participation and awards.

Entrepreneurship competition awards

New Projects Competition Awards

  • First place: $50 in cash + in-kind prizes
  • Second place: $25000 cash + in-kind prizes
  • Third place: $10 cash + in-kind prizes
  • Honorable Mention (1th - 500th): $XNUMX in cash + in-kind awards

* Prizes in kind can include website hosting, various consulting, co-working space, legal services and more. 

NVC Elevator Pitch Awards

  • 1500st place – $XNUMX cash
  • 1000nd place – $XNUMX cash
  • 500rd place – $XNUMX cash

Oso Launch Elevator Pitch Contest Prizes

  • 1000st place – $XNUMX cash
  • 500nd place – $XNUMX cash
  • 250rd place – $XNUMX