The fields of entrepreneurship and innovation are constantly growing around the world, as many ambitious young people seek to realize their dreams and create positive change in the communities in which they live.

In order to support and encourage these pioneers, the Savvy Award is a pioneering initiative to honor and appreciate young people who have promising visions and great potential in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Savvy Award is a golden opportunity for young and ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to achieve tangible successes in the business world. What distinguishes this award is its large value of up to $3000, which is offered in the form of financial prizes to its winners.

Includes Entrepreneurship Program Award

  1. First prize worth $1450.
  2. The second prize is worth 1000 US dollars.
  3. The third prize is worth $550.

It is worth noting that the top 10 participants will be qualified to reach the final stage of the qualifications, and will be honored with certificates of achievement in recognition of their efforts and creativity.

What also sets Savvy apart is its inclusivity and that there are no geographic, ethnic or academic restrictions for participating in the competition. Entrepreneurs from all over the world can participate in this program and present their innovative ideas and projects.

Applicants to the program must be between the ages of 18 and 40, and have a true passion for learning and creating change in their communities and even globally. This criterion is important to ensure that the award focuses on young people who strive to make a positive and lasting impact.

In addition, applicants over the age of 40 and with at least 5 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship are also taken into consideration. This approach to diversity of age and experience encourages creativity and success at all ages.

In short, the Savvy Award represents an important step towards supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurs around the world, and enhances the opportunities available to them to realize their ambitions and share their innovative visions. This award reflects the spirit of optimism and challenge that entrepreneurship brings, and is clear evidence that the world is eagerly awaiting new ideas and projects that can change the course of history.

With its valuable prize and consistent qualification requirements, the Savvy Award stands out as an ideal opportunity for ambitious young men and women around the world to turn their ideas into reality. This award is not limited only to providing sums of money to the winners, but also extends to providing a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences among participants, enabling them to expand their horizons and develop their skills.

The program award is confirmation that the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation knows no geographical boundaries. Anyone from any part of the world can participate in the competition, which confirms the global interest in supporting young people and encouraging them to make their positive contributions.

With increasing interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, the Savvy Award highlights young people who have an adventurous spirit and are willing to challenge the odds. It is an invitation to ambitious young people to be part of transforming ideas into successful projects, and then into success stories that inspire others.

On the other hand, the Savvy program provides opportunities for applicants with practical experience and older age, because creativity and excellence do not have a specific age. Encouraging this segment of participants reflects advanced thinking about entrepreneurship and that it is not limited to a specific age group.

Ultimately, the Savvy Award reflects a true commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity for young people to take on a new challenge and build a bright future, whether through their outstanding small projects or through their positive impact on their communities. As Savvy continues to support and encourage ambitious young people, we can expect to see amazing results emerging from their efforts and creativity in our communities and around the world.

Other aspects that make this award special

The Savvy Entrepreneurship Award goes beyond financial value and is also effective in terms of educational and social benefits. If you'd like more information on this topic, we can dive into some of the other aspects that make this award special:

Promoting the spirit of positive competition: Savvy motivates young people to achieve their full potential and develop their enterprises by providing a platform for healthy competition. This enhances the spirit of initiative and determination among participants, which contributes to their personal and professional growth.

Building a strong network: By participating in the Savvy programme, participants have the opportunity to network with fellow young people from around the world. This social network contributes to the exchange of ideas and experiences, and provides opportunities to learn from different experiences.

Promoting values ​​and ethics: Savvy is a space for exchanging ideas based on the values ​​of integrity and positive thinking. By encouraging the submission of projects aimed at bringing about positive change in society, the values ​​of dedication and social responsibility are strengthened.

Positive impact on the economy and society: Thanks to its valuable prize, the Savvy Award is expected to contribute to supporting the development of entrepreneurship projects and promoting innovation. This in turn can create a positive impact on the local economy and provide new job opportunities.

Enhancing creative thinking: Through the challenges and opportunities presented by the Savvy program, participants learn how to think outside the box and develop creative solutions to problems and challenges.

Support for young people with practical experience: Certainly, the award gives young people who have rich practical and entrepreneurial experiences an opportunity to participate and influence. This can encourage older youth to share their knowledge and experiences with rising generations.

Motivation for continuous learning: By providing certificates of achievement to the top 10 participants, they are encouraged to continue developing their skills and continuous learning, which enhances their impact and success in the field of entrepreneurship.