The DNA of cities consists of many exciting things, such as cultural diversity, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship… At the same time, cities are a manifestation of the main challenges of our world: according to UN-Habitat, they consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of global emissions. Greenhouse gases. It is the place where social differences and racial segregation are evident, and where cultural and identity conflicts converge. In short, cities are highly complex ecosystems consisting of multiple layers and, most importantly, they represent the canvas on which our future will be created.

Who can participate?

  • – Any individual over the age of 18 may participate in the CitiesToBe Photo Prize, regardless of their geographic location or nationality.
  • - Just One photo per personIt will be accepted.
  • - Subscription is free.

What images can be submitted?

  • The CitiesToBe Photo Prize is a competition for photos that show or reflect on cities and urban life, in any of its complex forms and aspects.
  • – Photographs can be a traditional photographic work or a work of art that uses photography as a medium, without restrictions on techniques or procedures. Images may belong to a series of photographs or be part of a photographic project, and may have been previously published.
  • Pictures above Granted are exempt from submission.
  • – All photos must have been taken or created after 2018.
  • – Participants must own the rights to the image they submit.

How do you submit an image?

Images must be submitted in JPG format (preferably using the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile), so that It measures up to 2000 pixels on its longest side And a maximum of 5MB, without adding frames, borders or captions to images.


  • – First takeover prize of €1500 for the winning photo – which will become part of Anteverti’s private urban photography collection.
  • – 10 honorable mentions as finalists for the CitiesToBe Photo Award
  • will be included The winning photo and 10 honorable mentions in the CitiesToBe Photo Prize book, aiming to honor the work of its authors
  • The book will also contain the shortlisted images of the competition.