Students are accepted into the University of Göttingen Scholarship Program in Germany for the Master of Agriculture program on the condition that they obtain admission directly to the University of Göttingen, noting that the scholarship is funded by the German DAAD Foundation.

Scholarship funding

  • Monthly salary
  • Costs of lectures, books and references.
  • Free accommodation
  • Study visa.
  • health insurance.

Grant conditions

There are no specific conditions other than obtaining acceptance from the University of Göttingen before registering for the University of Göttingen scholarship in Germany exclusively for the Master of Agriculture program. In addition to two years of relevant professional experience

The second condition imposed by the university to obtain admission to the academic seat is proof of English B2 as it is the language of instruction at the university.

It is also required that your certificate is not more than 6 years old. In addition to writing an article about: Why do you want to study the Master’s in Tropical and International Forestry?


Provisional admission is granted to those who have not yet completed their studies at the time of application, but have earned at least 150 credits in the relevant bachelor's degree program or equivalent degree programme.

Send the following papers to the university through the Uni Foundation to obtain admission, or directly through the university’s website.

  • A copy of the passport or ID.
  • The last certificate you obtained must be translated.
  • A statement of the student’s grades for the last academic degree obtained, translated into English.
  • Motivation letter.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • Biography.
  • Training certificates if you have them.
  • Work experience certificates if you have previous experience.
  • Volunteer certificates if you participated previously With volunteer opportunities.