This volunteer opportunity is one of the rare opportunities that combines volunteer work and educational entertainment, as it aims to activate educational and entertaining programs for children hospitalized at King Fahd University Hospital in Al-Khobar. These events are held in the games room section, which adds a special and distinctive character to the volunteer experience.

June 8 - June 29

This volunteer program extends for 22 days, starting from June 8 until June 29, which is a sufficient period to make a positive and tangible impact in the lives of hospitalized children. This period requires the full commitment of volunteers to ensure that the desired goals are achieved.


The number of seats available for this volunteer opportunity is only 8, which makes it a competitive opportunity and requires volunteers to excel and be serious about their performance.

Voluntary field

This opportunity falls within the entertainment field, but it goes beyond entertainment to include education and psychological development for children, making it comprehensive and integrated in its goals.

Post type

This opportunity is limited to individual participation, giving each volunteer the opportunity to demonstrate his personal skills and abilities without relying on others, which enhances his self-confidence and develops his individual skills.


This volunteer opportunity targets females only, and is an ideal opportunity for women who want to provide support and assistance to children, and make a positive change in their lives.


This opportunity requires the volunteers to have a bachelor’s degree, which ensures that the volunteers have a scientific and knowledge base that enables them to give their best.


This opportunity requires physical presence in the hospital, which enhances the effectiveness of the activities and programs provided, and gives volunteers the opportunity to communicate directly with children and organizers.


This opportunity is considered urgent, which means volunteers are needed as quickly as possible to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of events and programs.

Support people with disabilities?

This opportunity does not support people with disabilities, which may indicate a need for female volunteers who have the ability to move around easily.

Require an interview?

This opportunity does not require an interview, which makes the joining process easier and more convenient for female applicants.

Benefits gained from the volunteer opportunity

Capacity investment

This opportunity allows volunteers to invest their abilities and skills in the field of education and entertainment, which helps them develop and enhance them.

Obtain a volunteer certificate

This opportunity provides an accredited volunteer certificate, which adds to the volunteers’ professional and personal records, and serves as evidence of their efforts and dedication to volunteer work.

Contributing to community service

This opportunity is an effective way to contribute to community service, as it helps improve the lives of sick children and support them psychologically and socially.

Building public relations

This opportunity enables volunteers to build a wide network of relationships with medical staff and other professionals, which opens up new horizons for them in the fields of work and volunteering.

Strengthening national belonging

Volunteer work contributes to enhancing the sense of national belonging, as volunteers feel that they are part of a larger society that they contribute to its development and improvement.

required skills

Specialized technical skills

This opportunity requires specialized technical skills in the field of education and entertainment, as volunteers need the ability to create events and programs suitable for children.

Support provided

There is no

There is no financial support available for this opportunity, which means that the primary motivation for volunteers must be the desire to provide support and assistance to children without compensation.


1- Creating appropriate activities and programs for children hospitalized

This task includes designing and implementing educational and entertainment activities and programs that suit the needs of hospitalized children, which contributes to improving their psychological and physical condition.

2- Take care to sterilize toys and tools after each use

This task is necessary to maintain children's health and safety, as it requires care to sterilize toys and tools periodically after each use.

3- Attendance and departure at the specified times

Requires adherence to the specified attendance and departure schedule to ensure that events run smoothly and effectively.

4- Dealing smoothly with the medical staff and the opportunity supervisor

It requires cooperation with medical staff and supervisors to ensure the best care and support for children, which necessitates the ability to communicate effectively and work as a team.

Required profession

Social service - psychology - nursing

This opportunity requires specific specializations such as social work, psychology, and nursing, ensuring that volunteers have the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with children and provide the necessary support.

Required age

From 15 years old

This opportunity targets young people starting from the age of 15, giving teenage girls the opportunity to participate in volunteer work and develop their skills from an early age.


The initiative

This event is part of a broader initiative aimed at supporting sick children and improving their psychological and social condition, making it a valuable opportunity to contribute to achieving a noble and humanitarian goal.