The University of Helsinki Scholarship in Finland is for excellent students from outside the European Union and European Economic Area who wish to complete a master’s programme.

The University of Helsinki Scholarship in Finland is awarded to the best students based on a comprehensive academic evaluation according to the general entry requirements for the Master's degree, academic excellence, success in previous studies, and motivation to study in the Master's program at the University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki scholarship funding

  • 50% tuition fee waiver.
  • 100% tuition fee waiver.
  • A living grant of 5000 euros.

The duration of the scholarship is two years. Students must study full-time (achieving at least 55 credits per year) to meet the scholarship requirements. After the first year of study, the progress of your studies will be checked and based on your progress, the scholarship will be continued.

Conditions for the University of Helsinki scholarship

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You are eligible for the Master's program at the University of Helsinki.
  • You meet the requirements for an entry visa and residence permit for Finland.
  • You have achieved excellent results in your previous studies and can prove this in your application.

How to Apply for the University of Helsinki Scholarship

Start by visiting the Master's Programs page to find the program you would like to apply to. This step is essential to ensure you choose a program that matches your academic interests and career goals. Be sure to read the program details carefully, including course content, admission requirements, and learning objectives.

You may find yourself interested in a particular Master's program based on its specialized topics or the famous professors who teach it. University of Helsinki Scholarship It offers unique opportunities for international students to benefit from high-quality education in an advanced research environment.

View submission instructions

بعد اختيار برنامج الماجستير المناسب، قم بمراجعة التعليمات الخاصة بكيفية التقديم. يتضمن ذلك إعداد المستندات اللازمة مثل الشهادات الأكاديمية، Recommendation letters, AndBiography.

Make sure that all required documents are ready and in the correct format before starting the application process. Your documents should be neat and well organized, as this reflects how seriously you are committed to the program. The University of Helsinki Scholarship requires that you provide strong evidence of your previous academic achievements to ensure the success of your application.

Apply for the University of Helsinki scholarship

Use the same application form for the master's program to apply for the scholarship. You do not need a separate application, which facilitates the application process and saves time. Dr

Within the form, indicate that you would like to apply for the scholarship and provide additional information that supports your application. It is important that your motivation letter is compelling and highlights your dedication to your chosen field of study. The University of Helsinki Scholarship is aimed at students who demonstrate academic excellence and a strong desire to achieve their educational goals.

Submit all required attachments

Send all required attachments with the application form. These attachments include academic certificates, letters of recommendation, motivational letters, and any other documents required by the university.

Ensure that all documents are complete and correct to avoid any delays in processing your application. Failure to submit even one document can result in your application being processed delayed or even rejected. The University of Helsinki scholarship depends on the accuracy and completeness of the documents submitted to evaluate the eligibility of applicants.

Selection process

Comprehensive academic evaluation

يتم منح Scholarships للطلاب الجدد بناءً على تقييم أكاديمي شامل. يشمل هذا التقييم الأداء الأكاديمي السابق، الرسائل التحفيزية، بالإضافة إلى الأسس التي يقدمها المتقدمون في طلبات المنحة. يمكن أيضًا أخذ الأهداف الاستراتيجية للجامعة وبرامجها بعين الاعتبار. University of Helsinki Scholarship The standards promote excellence and academic excellence, requiring applicants to provide strong evidence of their previous academic successes and commitment to achieving their educational goals.

Additional information

لا يمكنك التقديم على Scholarship من فئة محددة، ولكن يمكنك تقديم هذه المعلومات كجزء إضافي ضمن طلب المنحة. سيساعد ذلك لجنة التقييم في فهم مدى ملاءمتك للمنحة واستحقاقك لها. من المهم أن تبرز في طلبك كيف يمكن للمنحة أن تسهم في تحقيق أهدافك الأكاديمية والمهنية. University of Helsinki Scholarship It provides an opportunity for students to highlight their excellence and show how they can benefit from the available educational opportunities.

Notification of scholarship result

If you have applied for a scholarship, you will receive an outcome on your scholarship status in your official acceptance letter. Please note that the scholarship program is very competitive and only a limited number of scholarships can be offered. The University of Helsinki Scholarship announces its results clearly, and is keen to inform applicants of its decisions in a transparent and reliable manner.

important note

Competition for the scholarship program is very high, which means opportunities are limited and applicants must submit strong applications supported by excellent academic evidence and personal information to increase their chances of admission. It is essential that you put great effort into preparing and submitting your application professionally.

University of Helsinki Scholarship It attracts the best minds and seeks to give opportunities to students who demonstrate their academic excellence and commitment to achieving their educational and professional goals.

To ensure your chance of receiving this prestigious scholarship, you must be prepared to give your best and show how the scholarship can contribute to the realization of your academic and professional dreams.

Available specializations

  • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business, management and law
  • education
  • Health and social services
  • Information and communications technology
  • Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
  • Social sciences, journalism and media