The Austria Summer Program Scholarship is designed for students who want to travel next summer and learn something new.

Conditions for the summer program scholarship in Austria for doctoral students

  • The program is offered to bachelor's, master's and doctoral students.
  • It is preferable that the applicant has work experience within his specialty.
  • The required languages ​​for communication are English

Grant funding

  • Anyone can apply.
  • A salary of 1310 euros
  • flight tickets.

Apply for the summer training program

Note: When filling out the application, please choose one or two programs. If there are interests in one of the other pilot projects, please state this in the box provided in the application form

Participation in the summer program in Austria is only possible for one summer (however, you can apply multiple times) and you will need to be present at the institute (i.e. no fieldwork or remote work) for the full duration of the programme.