The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership offers full-time Renewable Energy Master’s Scholarships for outstanding students.

Students will undertake master's level studies in the fields of:

  • Carbon-free energy
  • Smart grids
  • Electric transportation
  • Energy storage
  • Advanced electrical technologies
  • Public policy and economics
  • the law
  • Political Science
  • Various other fields.

Conditions for granting renewable energy

  1. Conducting studies at master’s level
  2. Eligible applicants must be pursuing full-time studies for at least one academic year
  3. Be committed to returning to your home country after your studies to contribute to its development
  4. Be an outstanding student:
  5. You have a history of community involvement
  6. Designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding

Steps to register for renewable energy grants

To know the details of the financing, you must contact the donor directly through the following email: [email protected]