Young people can now apply for an internship opportunity in the Netherlands at University Housing in Business Administration who want to make a real change in their lives.

One of the main challenges faced by today's young graduates is the transition from education to the labor market and, consequently, the unsustainably high youth unemployment rate in many EU countries. At the same time, work experience is highly valued by employers, so early labor market experience such as internships, apprenticeships and apprenticeships are useful to facilitate young people's access to the labor market.

However, the lack of clear quality guidelines undermines the main purpose of internships and vocational training which is to give practical skills to young people. In this context, the European Quality Charter for Training and Apprenticeships was drawn up, an initiative of the European Youth Forum.

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is a platform for youth organizations in Europe. It is independent, democratic and youth-led, representing 99 National Youth Councils and International Youth Organizations from across the continent.

Conditions for admission to a training opportunity in the Netherlands

  • Have selling skills
  • You have strong communication skills
  • You enjoy working in sales.
  • You have a business mind
  • You have an interest in business development.
  • Curious and willing to take on new challenges to develop yourself.
  • Don't be afraid to take on responsibilities
  • You think strategically
  • You are a proactive person

Minimum experience, education and skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Development or any other relevant educational degree.
  • Able to work at least 24 hours per week for at least 5 months
  • You have good written and verbal English skills
  • You have experience in sales.
  • Experience in MS Office Suite programs

Register for a training opportunity in the Netherlands

Send the following documents to the email you will find in the application link

  1.  A copy of the passport or national ID
  2.  Statement of purpose
  3.  Motivation letter
  4.  Biography