It is now possible to register for 3 types of scholarships at Aalborg University AAU to study in Denmark according to the college, specialization and type of study.

The types of scholarships at the university are:

  • Erasmus Scholarship (Cultural Exchange)
  • Scholarship for undergraduate students (university)
  • A grant for short-term research students, whether master’s, doctorate, or fellowships.

Aalborg University Scholarship Specializations

Aalborg University Scholarship to study in Denmark STUDYSHOOT
  • Geometry
  • Information engineering and systems
  • Languages
  • Humanities
  • social science
  • chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering.

Applying for the Aalborg University Scholarship

First, after you select the type of scholarship you want to register for (university, short-term postgraduate, or Erasmus program), contact the university directly through the website to send you your registration request. With the required information.


  • Your certificate in the original language. 
  • Your certificate translated into English 
  • English language proficiency documents 
  • Grade papers from the last three years of high school.
  • A copy of your passport. 
  • A copy of your residence permit if you already reside in Denmark 

 Make sure you are applying to the correct program – that is, the program you intend to apply for. Please note that programs with similar names may be offered by different universities or by the same university in different cities. The deadline for applications is March 15 of each year.

If you have not received your final certificate or English language test result by 15 March, it is still possible to apply and must send the certificate to the university before 1 May of the same year in which you are registered.

Aalborg University Scholarship to study in Denmark STUDYSHOOT