24th International Open Animation Competition.

General Provisions

  1. The organizer of the Head Office Open Animation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition) is the Cyprian Norwyd Regional and Public Library. The headquarters of the library is located in Zielona Góra at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 9, which is entered under number 6 in the register of cultural institutions of the Lubuskie region (hereinafter referred to as the organizer).
  2. The co-organizer is the Third Age University of Zielona Góra, headquartered in Zielona Góra at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 9, registered under number 13459 in the National Court Register (hereinafter referred to as the co-organiser).
  3. The aim of the competition is to select the best competition entries for satirical sketches, in reference to the theme of this year's edition of the competition.
  4. The Contest shall be conducted in accordance with the conditions stipulated in these regulations and in accordance with generally applicable laws.
  5. Submitting a drawing to the competition constitutes acceptance of all provisions of these regulations.
  6. Participation in this competition is voluntary and free.

Participation rules

  • All participants in the competition must be adults and have full legal capacity
  • Works that do not meet the conditions specified in Sec. 1 will not be accepted into the competition.
  • Participants in the Contest may not include employees of the Organizer or Co-Organiser, understood as persons acting under any legal contract, as well as persons directly involved in the preparation or implementation of the Contest. Furthermore, participants in the competition may not be members of the immediate family of the persons referred to in the previous sentence such as spouses, ascendants, siblings or relatives in the same lineage or degree as well as adopted persons.
  • Only works that have not previously been awarded may participate in the competition.
  • Each work must be signed by the author.
  • By participating in the competition, each participant agrees to the free transfer of the submitted works to the Organizer's competition and confirms that he is the author of the submitted works and that their submission to the competition does not infringe the rights of third parties.
  • Participants agree to have their work published free of charge by the organizer and co-organiser.
  • Through his personal participation in the closing ceremony of the post-competition exhibition, the participant agrees to the processing of his image through photographs, and to its availability for the promotion of cultural events by the organizer.
  • The condition for paying cash prizes to the winners is their personal participation in the closing ceremony of the post-contest exhibition or indicating the bank and account number to which the prize amount will be transferred.
  • Participation in the Contest as well as actions and obligations related to it, including claims for a prize, cannot be transferred to third parties.
  • The cost of submitting the work is borne by the competition participant.

Works containing the following content will not be accepted into the competition:

  • Calls for racial, ethnic or religious hatred,
  • Materials that are subject to third party rights, including copyrights,
  • Materials that make a commercial offer or advertisement for an organization/company.

Final rulings

  • The Organizer reserves the right to change these regulations:
  • In the event of changes in relevant legal provisions,
  • In emergency situations that cannot be predicted in advance,
  • In each case to the benefit of the participants.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition, in particular in cases such as the following:
  • In the event that no competition entry is received,
  • In the event that any entry into the competition does not meet the conditions of these regulations,
  • When the works submitted to the competition have unsatisfactory artistic quality.
  • The organizer is not responsible for damage or damage to the work during transportation or loss of the package.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for any incorrect or incorrect data submission by participants, as this may prevent the transfer of the prize.
  • In matters not covered by the provisions of these Regulations, the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the Civil Code and other relevant provisions of Polish law will apply.
  • Matters not covered by these regulations are settled by the regulator.
  • These regulations come into force on March 1, 2022.