The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies offers a doctoral scholarship at the Doha Institute of Qatar annually to attract academically qualified students from inside and outside the State of Qatar. The scholarships offered vary, as some are awarded on the basis of academic merit, while others are on the basis of financial need.

Types of doctoral scholarships at Doha Institute

  1. Scholarship for the first phase of registration in doctoral studies; This scholarship is awarded according to merit
  2. A grant for the second stage of registration, which is devoting time to reading blogs. Obtaining it is linked to achieving a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.5 in the first-stage doctoral studies courses.
  3. Scholarship for the third stage of registration to prepare for the dissertation; Obtaining it is linked to success in the comprehensive examination.

Conditions for granting a doctorate at Qatar Institute

  • Students who have previously benefited from the same scholarships during a period prior to studying for doctoral studies, whether this culminated in obtaining an academic degree or not, do not benefit from the scholarships offered by the Institute.
  • No student may combine the Institute’s scholarships with any other scholarship, regardless of its source, except with prior approval from the Doctoral Studies Council
  • Students who receive a full scholarship must, in return, commit to working in the service of the institute in the fields of research, teaching, and any other fields requested of them, for a period of not less than ten hours per week during the semesters. Working hours for recipients of partial grants are determined in proportion to the value of the grant, provided that they do not exceed fifteen hours per week.
  • The Doctoral Studies Council, in consultation with programs and faculties, identifies the areas of work required. To continue benefiting from the Institute’s grants, the obligations specified above must be fulfilled.
Doha Institute Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Qatar

Registration for doctoral programs at the Doha Institute in Qatar

The Admissions Department sends a link to the electronic scholarship application form to all accepted students. The scholarship application includes fields to be filled out; Such as: the student’s personal data, and the family’s monthly income and expenditure data, with supporting documents attached to the student’s data.

  • – Students are given the opportunity to fill out the application with the required data and attach the required documents.
  • The Admissions and Scholarships Committee is entrusted with considering applications for scholarships, and the student’s financial need for the scholarship is taken into account.
  • – بعد البتّ في جميع طلبات Scholarships يتم إبلاغ الطلاب بالنتائج النهائية ونسب المنح المقررة.

Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding with the electronic admission application.

  • The applicant creates a personal account on the system. 
  • Each applicant is allowed to submit only one admission application, and repeated applications for more than one program will not be considered.
  • The applicant can fill out the admission form in several sessions, saving the changes at the end of each session.
  • The applicant fills out the form and uploads all required documents.
  • The applicant requests letters of recommendation electronically through the same system.
  • Referees receive an email that enables them to access and submit the recommendation form. 
  • The applicant can verify the submission of letters of recommendation. 

اThe attachments required on the system are as follows:

  • A copy of an official ID (passport for international students - ID card for Qataris and residents).
  • Certified copies of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Certified copies of transcripts for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, including any materials transferred from other universities.
  • Copies of a valid IELTS Academic or TOEFL iBt test result.
  • A copy of the master’s thesis, capstone project, or research sample.
  • A copy of the Statement of Interest.
  • Read more about English language tests الرسمية.
  • A copy of an initial doctoral project proposal.
  • Recommendation letters from 3 informants, sent directly to the electronic admission application.
  • A copy of the GRE admission test results.
  • Updated version of Biography