Learn how to make a profit from Telegram: a guide for beginners and entrepreneurs

naturally! You can profit from Telegram in several different ways. We have chosen a reliable site for you. We will explain to you from A to Z in simple steps how to benefit from it.

A reliable and effective Telegram advertising platform by activating ads on channels and bots, which helps you find target audiences on Telegram and launch successful advertising campaigns.

Since you are the owner of a channel or group and have a number of subscribers, you can now register on this site and link your channel to it. After obtaining approval for your channel, you can create price offers for advertisers who will choose your channel to display their ads on it.

Fortunately, Arabic channels are widely accepted on this site.

Conditions for profit from Telegram

  • You must have a personal account.
  • You must have a bot, channel or group in Telegram.
  • You must have a number of subscribers of no less than 3000, and the existing members are real people.
  • You must have an account Profit site from Telegram.

How to register on the Telegram profit site

The first step

  • Sign up Telega.io from here.
  • Click above on Sign Up,
  • Now choose the Channel owner option.
  • Fill in the fields: email and username of your personal account on Telegram.
  • Click on create an account.
  • An email will be sent to you containing a link to activate the account and password. Click on the link.
Learn How to Make Profit from Telegram: A Guide for Beginners and Entrepreneurs STUDYSHOOT

The second step

  • After activating your Telegram profit site account, wait less than an hour and you will see in the middle of your account screen Add a channel.
  • Click on Add channel
  • Type all required data.
  • In a field Source of your subscribersWrite from where you get subscribers to your channel. Also write in this field the links to your other channels, your website, or the links to Facebook and Instagram.
  • When finished, click Add.
Learn How to Make Profit from Telegram: A Guide for Beginners and Entrepreneurs STUDYSHOOT

The third step

Now wait for the channel to be activated, which takes about 48 hours.

After your channel is accepted on the site, you will receive an email informing you that you can now activate ads and benefit.

In the options in the following image, do not forget to set the prices that suit the value of the advertisement on your channel. I advise you to start with low prices until you get a higher ranking on the site, and you can change the prices at any moment.

Learn How to Make Profit from Telegram: A Guide for Beginners and Entrepreneurs STUDYSHOOT

If you published the channel and it was activated, you will now start receiving ads from advertisers who want to publish their ads on Telegram.

You can accept the ads you want, and when you agree to a specific ad, click Accept and then publish the ad and adhere to the recommendations as well as the duration of the ad, and follow all the instructions you find on the ad request page. Upon completion of the advertisement, you will receive its full value via the payment method you previously specified.

You can select the payment method through your account page, click on the image icon at the top and then choose: Withdrawal. You can select one of the following payment methods.

Methods of paying profit from Telegram

  • bank card
  • E-wallet Payeer
  • Cryptocurrency

Thus, you can now start making profits from Telegram, get ads on your channel, and earn money that may reach $100 per day.

Learn how to profit from Telegram in the best ways