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An idea for a solar energy project for engineering students

13 solar energy project ideas for engineering students

…It is clear that engineering is leading us to a future with more innovation and advances in technology. This is especially evident when it comes to solar energy.

Innovative project areas

if I were engineering studentYou can learn and contribute positively to the climate change crisis with these project ideas!

Engineering is one of the rising majors that dominate today's workforce. With approximately 75% of all engineers working in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Renewable energy engineering.
  • Automotive mechanical engineering
  • Professional and technical sciences.

With climate change being a major global concern today, there is a great need for more engineers to make resources sustainable energy Like solar energy a reality. However, engineers will be tasked with looking ahead, when it comes to innovating for the future. 

This means more will be done to ensure there is a place for solar energy in people's homes, businesses and communities.

Now, as an engineering student, you will work on solar projects at some point during your studies. The great thing about solar energy is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to project ideas.

Do you want to work with solar energy? If so, you can get started today! Here are some projects you can try and how you can get started:

1- Wireless solar charger

A wireless solar charger is something every student can assemble, and you will learn a lot from it as well. Typically, you will want to make a charger that is large enough to charge a cell phone or device. It is a good project for those who are just starting out.

We chose an article for you on the site instructables To learn more about the project.

2- Solar lantern

This is another fairly simple project. In it, you will create a lantern that uses solar energy to charge a NiMH battery. This should be able to light a 1 watt white LED at night.

3- Solar lighting on roads

You'll see these on highways at night. Unlike reflective road signs, these use solar panels to collect energy during the day, and light up at night. It uses the automatic switching function to change from energy gathering to marker lighting.

We chose an article for you on the electroschematics website to learn more about the project.

4- Solar tracker with live data feed

“The Internet of Things will be critical to your business in the near future,” says Ray Dawes, engineering writer from State of Writing and Lia Help. “As such, this is an interesting project to work on.” This solar tracker and live feed will work on Windows IOT Which runs on Raspberry Pi-2.

5- Solar energy measurement system

This project will measure parameters such as voltages and currents in solar cells. The sensors are connected to the microcontroller. This allows you to monitor the energy usage of the solar cells.

We chose an article for you on the site nevonprojects To learn more about the project.

6- External solar grid system

This project allows you to assemble a self-contained solar energy system. It has to be something that can power the house without the need for external power sources. It's something that many homeowners are looking for, so you'll want to try assembling it yourself.

We chose an article for you on the site eiu To learn more about the project.

7- Dust removal system for solar cells

There are many things that will affect a solar cell's ability to absorb energy during the day. One of these things is dust that settles on the board and blocks it. This project creates a system that can remove this dust automatically, making the system more efficient.

We chose an article for you on the Researchgate website to learn more about the project.

8- Fresh water production system

This is an interesting project for those looking for survival mechanisms. You can set up a seawater desalination system to create pure drinking water. Solar powered, can be used anywhere.

We chose an article for you on the Researchgate website to learn more about the project.

9- Solar air heater box

Says Jane Mulligan, technical writer from Essay roo and Paper Fellows “This is another good project for beginners.” “You'll be able to try it yourself and see how the system works.” This DIY solar air heater box can be put together with minimal components, and is easy to implement.

We chose an article for you on the site instructables To learn more about the project.

10- Solar Vibrobot

You've probably seen toys that use simple vibrators to move around on the ground, such as insects. You can try putting one of these together yourself. Creating one in the shape of a cockroach makes your very own version of this game.

We chose an article for you on the site instructables To learn more about the project.

11- Solar night light

Here's another good starter project. This asks you to create a night light that illuminates a single bulb with stored solar energy at night. It's easy to assemble so you can understand solar energy.

12- Solar compass with OLED screen

This is something you probably didn't realize you could create using solar energy. These compasses use this energy, rather than magnetic energy, to point you in the right direction. You'll want to try making this solar circuit yourself.

13- Solar irrigation system

You will see these widely used in agricultural settings, for water fields. You can create a much smaller scale, for example to water a flower box. Moving forward, the system can be set up to water the box depending on the water content of the soil.

Now, these are just a few ideas to get you started. In fact, there are many other ways you can put together your own solar project for use in your studies.

So, if you are looking for simple projects with ideas that push you to something bigger and achieve success in solar energy, look into the project ideas that we have summarized for you. Good luck and have fun, engineering students!