All international students can register and apply for the Australian Federation University Scholarships to support them financially to achieve success. If you wish to study at the Australian Federation University in the future, these scholarships may be suitable for you.

Each scholarship will have different requirements, terms, conditions and eligibility criteria. You may be eligible for more than one scholarship. For some scholarships, you will be automatically assessed when you apply for the main course of study. 

Scholarship benefits

Students accepted into the Australian Federation University scholarships will receive a discount of 20% of the total tuition fees for all majors available at the university. Every academic year, the same discount percentage is applied.

There is also another grant to support university housing, a residence grant to support living in university housing while they receive an offer to study at the university.

Conditions for the Australian Federation University scholarships

  1. Register for admission to the Australian Federation University.
  2. Applicants must pay the remaining fees due after the discount is applied.
  3. To continue receiving the scholarship in the second and future semester, winners must maintain their enrollment at the university
  4. The scholarship is non-refundable and may not be converted into cash.
  5. If the winner withdraws from a course after the applicable semester census date, he or she will be able to retain the scholarship provided he or she continues to meet the conditions of the scholarship.
  6. If the winner withdraws from the program, he or she will forfeit the scholarship.
  7. The scholarship cannot be deferred until it begins in a future calendar year.

Transmission at the Australian Federation University

You only need to register and apply through the university’s website to obtain an academic acceptance letter in a specific specialty within the university’s colleges.