The France Scholarship Program for Master of Science in Economics and Business in Investment Banking and Capital Markets is specifically aimed at recent graduates in the fields of Finance, Business Administration, Economics or Mathematics.

This program is distinguished by its focus on developing technical skills and in-depth knowledge in the field of finance, making it the ideal choice for those seeking excellence in this vital sector.

Program of the Institute of Scientific Economics in France

The program offers students multiple opportunities to benefit from the expertise of professors at the Institute of Scientific Economics, which is considered one of the most prominent educational institutions in Europe. The program includes advanced studies in financial analysis, risk management, and corporate finance, allowing graduates to obtain a broad and comprehensive knowledge base.

The Institute of Scientific Economics scholarship allows students to not only delve into the theoretical aspects of finance, but also gain applied skills through interactive workshops and practical research projects. This program is an ideal starting point for those who aspire to hold senior positions in investment banks or asset management companies.

In addition, the program provides a strong network of professional relationships that contribute to opening new horizons in their career path. This scholarship is a unique opportunity for excellence and innovation in the world of economics and business, as students are equipped to face the challenges of the changing financial market with skill and confidence.

Conditions for the Institute of Scientific Economics scholarship

The conditions for obtaining and approving the Institute of Scientific Economics scholarship in France for master’s students are characterized by precise requirements that ensure the selection of qualified candidates. The program is open to candidates with a bachelor's degree in investment banking and capital markets. It is particularly aimed at recent graduates in Finance, Business Administration, Economics or Mathematics who have demonstrated high academic performance.

English language proficiency is a prerequisite, as candidates are required to have specific scores on language tests: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL IBT 85, TOEIC 800, Cambridge C1, or Duolingo 61. Native English speakers or students who have completed two years of study in English are exempt from These requirements.

The scholarship does not require prior knowledge of the French language, but French language lessons are mandatory for non-native speakers as part of the program. This enhances the integration of foreign students and helps them adapt to the cultural environment in France.

In addition, candidates can submit a GMAT score, but it is not mandatory. This flexibility allows students to focus on improving other aspects of their applications.

In general, the Institute of Scientific Economics in France scholarship for master’s students represents an ideal opportunity for outstanding students in the field of finance and investment banking to develop their skills and engage in a unique educational experience that enhances their future professional opportunities.

Required Documents

  •  A copy of the passport or national ID
  •  Copies of academic transcripts
  •  Statement of purpose
  •  Motivation letter
  •  recommendation Letter
  •  Biography
  •  Statement of grades.

Steps to register for the Institute of Scientific Economics scholarship in France

Obtaining the Institute of Scientific Economics scholarship in France for master’s students requires following a set of precise steps to ensure that all required criteria are met. This scholarship offers a unique opportunity for outstanding students in the fields of economics, finance, and business administration to develop their academic and professional skills. Here we review the registration steps in detail:

1. Create an account on the official website of the scholarship

The first step in the registration process is to create an account on the scholarship’s official website. You must fill out the required sections with your contact details, your academic and professional background, and your achievements. It is important that this information is accurate and comprehensive to best reflect your qualifications.

Institute of Scientific Economics Scholarship in France for STUDYSHOOT Master’s Students

2. Write a motivation statement

In this section, you should explain your motivations for pursuing the program and how the scholarship can contribute to achieving your professional and personal goals. A statement of motivation is a key component of the assessment process, and should reflect your passion and commitment to the field you wish to study.

3. Save the application

You can save the application at any time so that you can complete all the required information. This option allows you to ensure that you provide accurate and complete information without rushing the registration process.

4. Pay fees online

After completing the required sections of the application, you must pay the registration fee of €100 online through the scholarship website. This fee is non-refundable and is part of the official application process.

5. Review and submit the application

Please ensure that you complete your application completely for the scholarship committee to review. You must ensure that all required information has been entered correctly and that all required documents are attached.

6. Personal interview

Once you have submitted your application to your recruitment contact, you will be asked to attend a telephone or Skype interview. This interview aims to assess your suitability for the program and ensure that you meet all the criteria required to be awarded the scholarship.

7. Waiting for the committee’s decision

After completing the personal interview, the jury will review your file and make a final decision regarding your admission to the program. This takes approximately two weeks. You will be informed of the committee's decision whether to grant admission or the scholarship, if any.

Scholarship features

Institute of Scientific Economics Scholarship in France for Master’s Students It provides a tuition fee waiver of up to 50% for students who meet the scholarship criteria. This exemption can have a significant impact on the overall tuition costs, allowing students to focus on their studies and research without worrying about the financial aspect.

Tips to improve your chances of acceptance

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date informationEnsure that all information provided in the application is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Write a strong motivation statement: Clearly articulate your motivations and show how the program can help you achieve your goals.
  • Prepare well for the interviewPrepare well for the interview by researching common questions and practicing the answers.

The Institute of Scientific Economics Scholarship in France for Masters Students is a golden opportunity for ambitious students who aspire to excel in their academic and professional fields. By following the above steps and submitting a strong application, you can increase your chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship and getting into one of the best academic programs in Europe.

Available specializations

The Institute of Scientific Economics Scholarship in France for master’s students includes a variety of specializations that aim to meet the needs of ambitious students in multiple fields. These specializations include:

  1. Financial sciencesThis specialization focuses on analyzing financial markets, asset management, evaluating investments, and developing financing strategies.
  2. Business ManagementThis specialization includes studying aspects of corporate management, leadership skills development, business strategies, and human resources management.
  3. EconomyThis specialization deals with the analysis of economic systems, economic policies, international trade, and economic planning.
  4. Financial Mathematics: This major combines mathematics with its applications in finance, such as financial modeling, quantitative data analysis, and financial risk.
  5. Investment banking: Focuses on the financing aspects associated with investment banking activities, such as underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and banking asset management.
  6. Capital markets: It deals with the study and analysis of various financial markets, including the stock market, bonds, and commodities, and how these markets work and their importance in the global economy.

These specializations provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in advanced fields required in the labor market, which enhances their professional opportunities and qualifies them to occupy leadership positions in financial institutions and international companies.