The College of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo is one of the most prominent colleges that provide continuing education opportunities for Egyptian youth.

The college offers a wide range of study programs aimed at enhancing professional skills and developing academic capabilities among young people, which contributes to improving their opportunities in the labor market and increasing their competitiveness.

The School of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo is considered one of the most prominent educational institutions that offers diverse study programs and internationally recognized professional certificates. The college seeks to enable Egyptian youth to develop their skills and achieve their professional ambitions by providing high-quality education that matches the requirements of the modern labor market.

College of Continuing Education programs

The College of Continuing Education offers a wide range of study programs covering multiple fields. These programs include human resources management, accounting, finance, sales management, marketing, e-marketing, strategic management of supplies and procurement, logistics management, business administration, and a diploma in legal translation and United Nations translation. These programs are designed to meet the needs of ambitious youth who seek excellence in their professional fields.

  • Human Resource Management: This program focuses on developing the skills needed to effectively manage a workforce, including recruiting, performance appraisal, and employee development.
  • Accounting: It aims to provide students with the accounting knowledge and skills necessary to prepare financial reports and analyze financial statements.
  • Finance: This program covers various aspects of money management, from investments to financial planning.
  • Sales Administration: Focuses on selling and negotiation strategies and how to manage sales teams.
  • Marketing: It covers the basics of traditional and electronic marketing, how to reach customers and increase brand loyalty.
  • E-Marketing: Focuses on using the Internet as a marketing tool, including search engine optimization and digital campaign management.
  • Strategic management of supplies and purchases: It aims to improve the efficiency of supply chains and procurement management in strategic ways.
  • Logistics management: It deals with the efficient transportation, storage and distribution of goods.
  • Business Management: Covers the basics of management and how to lead companies and organizations.
  • Diploma in legal translation and United Nations translation: Focuses on specialized translation in the legal and diplomatic fields.

College of Continuing Education Scholarships 2024

في خطوة لتعزيز التعليم المستمر وتطوير الكفاءات، تقدم كلية التعليم المستمر بالجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة 15 Scholarship سنويًا. هذه المنح مخصصة للشباب المصريين خريجي الجامعات الحكومية، وتغطي الرسوم الدراسية لمدة عام دراسي كامل. تهدف المنح إلى دعم الشباب المتميزين الذين يظهرون التزامًا جادًا بالدراسة ولديهم قدرات أكاديمية متميزة.

When evaluating applicants, socio-economic status, commitment to study, performance during the interview, and bachelor's graduation degree are taken into account. The grant period must not exceed one year, starting in July 2024 and ending in June 2025.

Requirements for the 2024 College of Continuing Education Scholarships

To be able to apply for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must be an Egyptian citizen, with priority given to applicants from less fortunate areas outside Greater Cairo.
  2. Applicants must not be more than 28 years old by July 1, 2024.
  3. The applicant must be a graduate of Egyptian public universities.
  4. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a good grade, with priority given to those with higher grades.
  5. The applicant must not be eligible for military service for the duration of the scholarship.
  6. The applicant must not have studied any professional certificate at the College of Continuing Education or any diplomas at the American University in Cairo before.
  7. اجتياز اختبار إتقان English language أو العربية بالمستوى المطلوب.

Registration for the College of Continuing Education Scholarships 2024

To register for the placement test, new applicants can begin the process by applying via the specified link from the College of Continuing Education. There are many online tutorials available to help with the application and payment process.

Apply for scholarships from the College of Continuing Education 2024

After passing the admission test with the required score, applicants must submit the following documents via the specified link:

  • A copy of the national ID card
  • A copy of the parents’ national ID cards
  • An official statement of the family’s monthly income
  • Job statement for the applicant and the spouse (if applicable)
  • A photo of the recruitment position for males
  • A copy of the original graduation certificate
  • A copy of the result of the English language placement test
  • A recent personal photo

A paragraph must be written about the marital status, including information about the applicant, his family, and the reasons for the applicant’s desire to study the specific degree.


  • Documents cannot be resubmitted after submission.
  • Applicants who have been rejected in previous years are not allowed to apply again.
  • Fees must be paid for the English language placement tests and Arabic language admission tests.
  • Test fees are only refundable to accepted scholarship recipients.
  • Applications for the scholarship start from May 26, 2024 to June 25, 2024.