Tampere University of Applied Sciences is one of the most prominent educational institutions in Finland, offering distinguished and diverse study programs in multiple fields.

The University recognizes the importance of attracting international students and providing them with educational opportunities, so it offers many scholarships to students coming from outside the EU/EEA with the aim of reducing their financial burden and encouraging them to join its distinguished academic community.

Importance of Tampere University Scholarships

The University of Tampere Scholarship for International Students is a vital way to support students seeking high-quality education in a learning environment that stimulates innovation and academic excellence.

University of Tampere scholarships not only help cover a significant portion of the tuition fees, but also contribute to enhancing cultural and academic diversity within the university, enriching the education experience for both local and international students alike.

Advantages of Tampere University Scholarships

The annual tuition fee for international students at the University of Tampere is €12,000 for Bachelor's and Master's programmes Introduction in English. The university offers significant discounts through its scholarships:

  • Early Discount Scholarship (for undergraduate students): Students get 50% discount of the first year's fees if they accept the study offer and pay the first payment within 14 days of receiving the conditional offer letter.
  • Early Discount Scholarship (for Master’s students): Students get 20% discount of the annual fee if they pay the full annual amount by May 31.
  • Academy Award (for undergraduate students): Students who achieve 60 credits per year receive a 25% discount. maybe Increase the discount to 50% If the student submits the result of the Finnish language test (YKI) by August 15.

Application conditions and required documents

To apply for the University of Tampere Scholarship, students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Admission to a study programme: The applicant must have been accepted into one of the Bachelor's or Master's programs offered in English at the University of Tampere.
  2. Fulfillment of academic requirements: The applicant must have a good academic record and demonstrate academic excellence.
  3. Punctuality: Grant applicants must adhere to the specified deadlines for payment and submission of documents.

Required documents include:

  • Letter of acceptance into the study programme.
  • a copy of the passport.
  • Academic certificates and academic records.
  • Language test results (such as IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Documents proving financial ability to pay tuition fees and living expenses.

How to apply to the University of Tampere

The scholarship application process takes place through the following steps:

  1. Applying for the study program: The student must first apply for one of the bachelor’s or master’s programs offered in English at the University of Tampere through the university’s website.
  2. Receiving the conditional offer letter: After acceptance, the student will receive a conditional offer letter containing admission and scholarship details.
  3. Pay the required fees: The student must pay the first payment of tuition fees within the specified period (usually 14 days) to receive the early scholarship discount.
  4. Submit a scholarship application: The scholarship application can be submitted through the university’s electronic system, attaching all required documents.
  5. follow up with the order: The student must follow up on the status of his application through the electronic system and ensure that all conditions and procedures are completed.

In summary, the University of Tampere Scholarship for International Students offers an outstanding opportunity to obtain high-quality education in Finland at lower costs. By adhering to the terms and conditions, students can take advantage of this opportunity to develop their academic and professional skills in a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

University of Tampere specializations

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business, management and law
  • education
  • Engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • Health and social services
  • Information and communications technology
  • Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
  • Social sciences, journalism and media