The Finland Government Scholarship offers a range of study financing options for non-EU students who have to pay tuition fees.

About the Finland Government Scholarship

This scholarship is considered one of the most distinguished and comprehensive educational options, giving international students the opportunity to achieve their academic dreams in a world-class educational environment.

The Finland Government Scholarship provides funding that covers tuition fees up to a maximum of €10000, making it an ideal solution for students seeking higher education without worrying about the financial burden. This financial support is not only limited to tuition fees, but also extends to accommodation costs, ensuring students a comfortable and stable living environment.

In addition, the Finland Government Scholarship awards a monthly stipend that helps students cover their daily expenses, enabling them to fully focus on their studies and research. These advantages make the scholarship very attractive for students who aspire to academic excellence in prestigious Finland universities.


Benefits of the Finland Government Scholarship

Prepare Finnish Government Scholarship One of the highlights Scholarships Which offers international students the opportunity to realize their academic dreams in an advanced educational environment. This scholarship provides a range of benefits that make it an ideal option for students looking to pursue their studies in Finland without worrying about financial costs.

Tuition fees are maximum 10000 euros

cover Finnish Government Scholarship Tuition fees are capped at a maximum of 10000 euros, which contributes significantly to reducing the financial burden on students. This financial support enables students to focus on their studies and academic research instead of being concerned about how to cover the costs of education. Reducing financial anxiety can enhance academic performance and give students the opportunity to take full advantage of the educational experience in Finland.

Accommodation costs

Include Finnish Government Scholarship Also accommodation costs, ensuring students a stable and comfortable living environment. Accommodation is one of the biggest challenges facing international students, and saving on accommodation costs helps reduce this burden significantly. Students who receive this scholarship can live in university housing or rent their own apartment, giving them the independence and comfort needed to focus on their studies.

Monthly salary

In addition to covering tuition fees and accommodation costs, it provides... Finnish Government Scholarship A monthly stipend for students. This stipend enables students to cover daily living expenses such as food, transportation, and study materials. The monthly stipend helps achieve financial stability for students and enhances their ability to manage their personal expenses effectively. This financial support allows students the opportunity to fully focus on their studies and achieve academic excellence.

There is no application fee, application is always free

The application process for Finnish Government Scholarship It is easy and free, which removes any financial obstacle that the student may face in starting the application process. Providing this feature makes it easier for international students to submit their applications without worrying about the additional costs associated with the application process. The ease of applying opens doors for a large number of students to benefit from this valuable opportunity.

Registration for the Finnish government scholarship

Register is your main portal for accessing all information related to studying in Finland. The site offers a comprehensive national database that allows you to search and view all academic programs available in English language. This rule includes precise details about each programme, helping you make an informed decision about which program you would like to apply to.

Search for academic programs

When you access, you can use advanced search tools to locate programs that match your academic and professional interests. You can filter results based on fields of study, degree level (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD), university, and even language of study. This makes it easier for you to find programs that precisely meet your academic needs.

Program information

Each study program listed in the database has a detailed description that includes information about the program content, study structure, and opportunities training Practicality and future job prospects. This helps you understand what you can expect from the program and whether it fits your educational and career goals.

A detailed explanation of the application process provides clear and detailed instructions on how to apply for academic programmes. These guidelines include information on required documents, application deadlines, and admission requirements. You are advised to read these instructions carefully to ensure that you follow all steps correctly.

Required Documents

The application process usually includes submitting several basic documents such as:

  • Previous education certificatesCertified copies of previous education certificates such as high school or bachelor’s degrees must be submitted.
  • English language certificates: If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence of your English proficiency through tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Motivation letter: You must write a letter explaining your motivations for joining the program and how this program will help you achieve your academic and professional goals.
  • Letters of recommendation: Some programs may request letters of recommendation from previous teachers or employers.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements vary from one program to another. Some programs may require an admission exam or interview, while others rely on previous academic performance and documents submitted. Make sure to read the admission requirements carefully to ensure you meet all conditions.

How and when you apply depends on the Finnish government scholarship

The application process for academic programs depends on the type of program and university you are applying to. To get started, you should search for the study programs you want to apply to in the database. After choosing your programs, it will be easy for you to check the application period and other admission related details for those private universities.

Preparing for admission to the Finland Government Scholarship

Once you have submitted your application and tracked its status, it is important to prepare for the next steps in the admissions process. Some programs may require admission exams or interviews. Make sure to review the admission requirements for each program and prepare for these steps well.

Entrance exams

Some programs may require admission examinations to assess the level of academic knowledge and skills necessary for the program. Make sure you know the details of these exams and prepare well for them. You can find previous exam samples or study materials to help prepare.

Personal interviews

Some programs may require interviews as part of the admissions process. Be sure to prepare for these interviews by reviewing common interview questions and thinking about how you can convincingly present yourself and your academic and career goals.

Student life in Finland

After being accepted into an academic program, you will be about to begin a new phase in your educational life. Student life in Finland offers many opportunities and challenges. It is important to prepare for this experience and make the most of it.


Make sure to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in Finland. You can search for university housing or rent a private apartment. Finnish universities usually provide housing options for international students, which can help you find a suitable place to live.

Living costs

Finland is considered one of the countries with a relatively high cost of living. It is important to prepare for the costs of living and make sure you have enough budget to cover your daily expenses. These expenses can include food, transportation, study materials, and entertainment.

Student support

Finnish universities provide tailored support for international students, including academic advising services, psychological support, and student activities. Be sure to take advantage of these services to quickly adapt to life in Finland and achieve academic success.

We will go into detail about the conditions of the Finland Government Scholarship and how eligible students can apply successfully.


Conditions for the Government of Finland scholarship for bachelor’s degrees

When applying for bachelor's programs, there are basic requirements that the student must meet. First, the student must have school certificates that qualify him to apply for higher education in his country of origin. This means that the student needs to submit their high school diplomas, even if they have already completed some postgraduate studies. These certificates must be certified and translated into English if issued in another language.

High school certificates

The high school certificate is the basic document that proves the student’s completion of secondary school. This certificate must be authenticated by the competent educational authorities in the student’s country. In addition, the student must ensure that the certificate is translated into English by a certified translator if the certificate is in a language other than English.

Academic equivalents

In some cases, a student may need to obtain academic equivalents of degrees obtained in his or her country of origin. These equivalencies ensure that degrees are compatible with higher education standards in Finland, facilitating the application and admission process.

Conditions for the Government of Finland Master’s Scholarship


For admission to the master's level, the student must have completed a bachelor's degree at the university level, or its equivalent. This means that the student must have a recognized university degree proving completion of a bachelor’s degree in a specialty relevant to the program he wishes to apply for.

work experience

To apply for master's programs at higher institutes, there is an additional requirement related to work experience. The student must have at least two years of work experience in the field after completing his or her bachelor’s degree. This experience contributes to enhancing admission chances and is considered evidence of the student’s academic and professional readiness.

The required documents

Documents required to apply for master's programs include certified copies of the bachelor's degree, academic transcripts, as well as letters of recommendation from previous professors or employers. The student must also submit an updated CV detailing his academic and professional experiences.

Admission tests and language requirements

If you are a qualified applicant, you may also be asked to complete an entrance exam, SAT, or an interview for medical specialties. These tests aim to assess the level of academic knowledge and basic skills required for the study programme.

Entrance exams

Some Finnish universities may require international students to take special entrance exams, aimed at assessing their level of knowledge in core subjects related to the study programme. These exams are an essential part of the evaluation process and greatly affect the chances of admission.

English language tests

If English is not your first language, the university may ask you to prove your official level of English. The most commonly accepted tests are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Cambridge C1 Advanced or Cambridge C2 Proficiency. The student must achieve the required scores in these tests to ensure that the language requirements of the study program are met.

Test alternatives

In some cases, universities may accept alternatives to the mentioned language tests, such as other international certificates proving the student's proficiency in the English language. Students are advised to check the university's specific requirements and acceptable alternatives before applying.

This scholarship represents a golden opportunity for international students to achieve their academic goals in an encouraging and advanced educational environment. Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your academic and professional path in one of the best education systems in the world.