The University of Alberta Medicine Canada Postgraduate Scholarship offers about 450 scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

The list below represents individual scholarships contributing to the funding available for international students wishing to study in Alberta.

University of Alberta Medical Scholarship in Canada STUDYSHOOT

Types of University of Alberta Medicine Scholarship

  • 1. Gloria Aron Award in Medical Oncology
  • 2. T. Aaron Award in Clinical Skills
  • 3. T. Aaron Award in Allergy and Rheumatology
  • 4. T. H. Aron Prize in Pulmonary Medicine
  • 5. Dr. Peter Eileen Memorial Scholarship in Family Practice
  • 6. Dr. Sigurd Balfour Scholarship in Medicine
  • 7. Betty Drury Excellence Scholarship in Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • 8. Dr. John E. Bradley Scholarship
  • 9. Erin and Jack Brown Scholarship
  • 10. Canadian Medical Association 150th Anniversary Award
  • 11. Nat Christie Foundation Grants
  • 12. Cone Memorial Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 13. Dr. Tom Ranieri and Dr. Alf Conradie Compassionate Care Scholarship Distinction
  • 14. Henry Anton Deutsch University Medical Research Award
  • 15. AW Downs Prize in Physiology
  • 16. Dr. Harry G. Lefebvre Award in Family Medicine
  • 17. Dr. Marlon Michel Award, Class of 1999, in Medicine
  • 18. Quina Easdale Memorial Scholarship
  • 19. Tom Fiske Award in Neurology
  • 20. Dr. Ethel L. Fried Memorial Leadership Scholarship
  • 21. Glanz Family Scholarship in Medicine
  • 22. George R. Graham Memorial Scholarships

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The University of Alberta in Canada is considered one of the most prominent medical universities in the world, and always strives to attract and provide support to talented and motivated students to pursue their medical studies.

The University of Alberta Medical Scholarship is an opportunity of excellence for students who dream of a future in the field of medicine and health sciences. In this article, we will take an overview of this wonderful scholarship and review the application conditions, the benefits it offers, and how to apply for it.

Scholarship overview:

The University of Alberta Medical Scholarship is an educational scholarship funded by the university with the aim of supporting outstanding students and enabling them to pursue their medical studies at a high level of quality. This scholarship aims to provide talented students with an opportunity for education and research in the field of medicine and health sciences.

Conditions for registration and submission:

  • Applicants for this scholarship must have a bachelor's degree in one of the health sciences-related disciplines.
  • They must have an excellent academic record and a high grade point average in their previous university studies.
  • Applicants must submit documents proving their academic excellence and ability to benefit from this educational opportunity.
  • It is possible to apply in any study major previously specified by the scholarship at the university
  • Send the application fully supported by the required documents and facts
  • Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will cause your application to be rejected
  • Complete the scholarship application completely within the specified dates
  • The requirement to obtain a recognized academic qualification.
  • You have the right drive and motivation to apply
  • As a full-time doctoral student in a medical sciences postgraduate program (MSc or PhD) in one of the Departments of Medicine and Dentistry
  • A student may not simultaneously hold any major awards worth more than $13000 or more or any other fellowship award from the College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Features and benefits offered:

  • Full Tuition Fee Coverage: This scholarship includes full tuition fee coverage, which means that students will not have to bear any tuition costs.
  • Additional financial support: In addition to tuition fees, students can benefit from additional financial support that can be used to cover the costs of accommodation, textbooks and personal expenses.
  • Outstanding Research Opportunities: This scholarship gives students the opportunity to participate in innovative medical research and work with distinguished professors and researchers in the field of medicine.
  • Outstanding Clinical Training: Allows students to experience excellent clinical experiences and apply their theoretical knowledge in practical work.

How to register with full explanation:

To apply for a University of Alberta Medical Scholarship, students must visit the university's website and search for the Scholarships and Fellowships page. There you will find detailed information on how to apply and application deadlines. Applicants must fill out the online application form and submit all required documents.

Documents required from students:

  • A copy of your current academic record.
  • A cover letter explaining the student’s goals and why he or she wants the scholarship.
  • Letters of recommendation from professors or professionals who can provide an estimate of the student's abilities and potential.
  •  A copy of the passport or national ID
  •  the biography.
  •  Training certificates.
  • Prior admission certificate to the University of Alberta.
  • To obtain admission to the University of Alberta, follow the registration link below.

Translation of documents must be done by a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well.

How to register for the University of Alberta scholarship?

First, you must obtain admission to the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, or Dentistry at the university. We have left you the link for direct registration below.

Secondly, when you are accepted, you will find in your same account on the university website the option to register for a scholarship. You only have to know which scholarship suits you according to the list that we included in our previous article.

Third, register for the scholarship and wait for a response. Registration for university admission takes time of about two months. The same applies after registering for the scholarship.

Therefore, make sure that you submit your application at a time that is convenient for you, in order to also allow some time to apply for the student visa.

The University of Alberta Medical Scholarship in Canada is an opportunity of excellence for students who are pursuing their dreams in the field of medicine and health sciences. This scholarship offers full tuition fee coverage and additional financial support, as well as excellent research and clinical training opportunities. If you meet the requirements and have the passion and dedication, do not hesitate to apply and take advantage of this amazing opportunity at the University of Alberta.