The University of Adelaide Scholarships in Australia invites all students to apply for the Bachelor’s degree. The University of Adelaide is distinguished by providing a unique educational environment, as it operates several independent institutes and research groups.

The university consists of five faculties, each with foundation schools, and is associated with five Nobel laureates. These laureates represent a third of Australia's Nobel Prizes.

The University of Adelaide in Australia offers students an exceptional educational experience, where they can achieve their full potential. The university offers more than 400 study programs in a wide range of academic fields, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The University of Adelaide, Australia scholarships require the following:

The University of Adelaide Scholarship is a unique opportunity for students seeking to achieve higher education in an atmosphere of excellence and academic excellence. This scholarship is offered by the University of Adelaide in Australia as part of its commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities for international students. This scholarship aims to support outstanding students who are committed to achieving their educational and professional goals.

Through the scholarship, students can benefit from a proportional tuition fee discount of up to 25% for the minimum possible period of time for full-time courses in a variety of academic disciplines. This scholarship comes as part of the University of Adelaide's efforts to enhance education and research and provide a stimulating environment for knowledge growth and skills development.

  • Available majors: Scholarships are offered to study bachelor’s degrees in all majors except medical majors.
  • Admission requirements: University scholarship students are accepted from 2020 onwards. Candidates must hold an offer of admission from the University of Adelaide (full or conditional offer) as fee-paying international students, be registered to study full-time for each semester of the program and complete the admissions process as set out in the offer of admission.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must have completed at least one year at their original educational institution, and achieve a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 or equivalent.
  • Language Requirement: Applicants must meet the English language requirements.

The University of Adelaide in Australia is an exciting opportunity for students to achieve a distinguished education and a promising future.


There are some categories that are not eligible for these scholarships:

  1. Current University of Adelaide students who are transferring from one degree to another before successfully completing their program of study (internal transfers).
  2. Students who receive scholarships covering tuition fees from a recognized awarding body, such as a government ministry or department.
  3. Applicants for Masters by Research or Doctoral programmes.
  4. Applicants for certain programs; The scholarship terms and conditions can be viewed for a list of excluded degrees.

Documents required for registration:

When submitting an application, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. A translated copy of the passport or national ID.
  2. Copies of academic transcripts, preferably in the required format.
  3. Statement of Purpose, which is a document that explains your goals and motivations for pursuing study at the university.
  4. Motivation Letter, which is a letter explaining your motivation and inspiration for choosing this opportunity.
  5. Letter of Recommendation, which can be from a former teacher or supervisor.
  6. A curriculum vitae (CV), detailing your background and previous experiences.
  7. Statement of school/university marks.
  8. Training certificates (if any).
  9. Financial information about your parents, including English tax returns.
  10. English language certificates.

All documents must be translated by a certified translator, and must always be accompanied by the original documents.

University of Adelaide Scholarship Funding

This scholarship is partially funded and includes funds from the University of Adelaide in Australia as follows:

  1. Tuition fees: The scholarship offers a 25% discount on the tuition fees for the minimum standard full-time period of the chosen undergraduate degree.

Registration process at the University of Adelaide:

To apply for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at the University of Adelaide. Once accepted, candidates will automatically be considered for this educational scholarship.

The scholarship remains available throughout the year, however, applicants are encouraged to complete the admissions process as quickly as possible to have sufficient time to submit visa applications and prepare to begin their studies.