Applications for the DAFI Scholarship are now allowed for Syrian students in asylum countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and other neighboring countries provided by the German government for Syrian refugees.

About the UNHCR grant for Syrians

The DAFI program offers refugee students the possibility to pursue a bachelor's degree in the country of asylum. Through support from the German government and additional private donors.

The DAFI Scholarship (UNHCR Scholarship) for Syrian students is fully funded by STUDYSHOOT

The purpose of the DAFI Scholarship Program for Syrian Students is to maintain and enhance the level of capacity of refugees, enable them to become more self-reliant and actively contribute to the development of refugee and host communities. 

More generally, the DAFI Scholarship Program aims to encourage the development of qualified Syrian students who contribute to their families and host country communities in self-reliance, thus supporting greater peace and stability in the region.

The Duffy Scholarship Program for Undergraduates covers everything from tuition fees and study materials, to food, transportation, accommodation and other allowances.

Financing the UNHCR grant for Syrians

  1. Registration fees and tuition fees are usually paid directly to the institution.
  2. Students will receive a subsistence allowance to cover costs such as a living allowance (food), book allowance, room/lodging allowance, medical allowance, or local travel allowance. Not all suits
  3. The local travel allowance covers daily travel between the university and home.
The DAFI Scholarship (UNHCR Scholarship) for Syrian students is fully funded by STUDYSHOOT

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Conditions for applying for the German Commission DAFI Scholarship

  • The Duffy Scholarship is limited to students considering undergraduate study with courses of four years or less. The Duffy Scholarship Program seeks to offer as many scholarships as possible,
  • Long university courses in medicine and similar courses are usually not funded by this scholarship. On an exceptional basis, a DAFI Scholarship can be awarded if refugees have to
  • The universities chosen by applicants must be accredited by the host country to ensure minimum academic standards and recognition of degrees
  • Applicants must be able to clearly articulate their reasons for being there
  • Choose the particular subject of study, and relate your choice to the expected future
  • School and university certificates will be verified before selecting candidates.
  • The student must be a Syrian with recognized refugee status
  • Successfully completed secondary education at a high level
  • Students have no other means to support university studies 
  • Students must not be more than 28 years old at the beginning of studies 
  • There is no other family member receiving a Duffy scholarship
  • You must provide proof of the previous stage of study that you started in, or, for example, proof of your general secondary school certificate if you have not previously started university studies.

What are the selection criteria for the DAFI Scholarship? 

  1. For Syrian students and others who have had to interrupt their studies due to displacement
  2. For students who have proof that they had already begun university studies in their country before displacement
  3. For qualified students who do not have the means to financially support the university
  4. For refugee students who are fluent in the language approved as the language of instruction at the university

Who cannot apply for the DAFI Scholarship?

  1. Asylum seekers who have not yet been recognized (as refugees);
  2. Refugees seeking resettlement in a third country

DAFI scholarship documents for Syrian students in Lebanon - Türkiye - Jordan

The DAFI Scholarship (UNHCR Scholarship) for Syrian students is fully funded by STUDYSHOOT

Register for the DAFI Scholarship

The DAFI Scholarship (UNHCR Scholarship) for Syrian students is fully funded by STUDYSHOOT
  1. Check if there is a programGrant In your country of asylum.
  2. Check if you meet the above criteria.
  3. Contact the UNHCR country office to receive the application form
  4. Complete and submit the application form
  5.  Partial care can be obtained under the program warm If the candidate has another source of funding, for example, for tuition fees and fees. In this case, the selected student will only receive a subsistence allowance. 
  6. In other cases, students may be able to support themselves, but may only need support to pay registration fees/tuition fees.