The American University in Bulgaria Scholarship is one of the unique and distinguished academic opportunities offered by this prestigious institution to outstanding students.

About the American University Scholarship in Bulgaria

The American University of Bulgaria Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and the strength of the student’s performance in high school, in addition to proficiency grades English language. The scholarship aims to support ambitious students who seek to achieve high-quality education in a rich, multicultural learning environment.

Every year, a large sum of money is allocated for scholarships at the American University of Bulgaria, and an account of approximately US$4.8 million is opened for this purpose. As a result, about 73% of university students get some ScholarshipsThis contributes to alleviating the financial burden on students and their families and allows them to focus more on their academic studies.

Advantages of the American University Scholarship

Among the main benefits offered by the American University in Bulgaria Scholarship are:

  • Tuition fee exemption: Students accepted into the scholarship are exempted from paying tuition fees in full or in part depending on their financial need.
  • Partial or full financing: Grants vary between full funding, which covers all study and accommodation costs, and partial funding, which covers part of these costs.
  • Study visa: When the admission decision is issued, the student obtains a study visa, which makes it easier for him to move to Bulgaria.
  • Assistance with travel costs: The scholarship may include assistance with travel costs to Bulgaria, relieving the financial burden on international students.
  • Free university housing: Students can apply separately for free university housing, which provides them with a comfortable and safe living environment.

Conditions for the American University Scholarship in Bulgaria

The application requirements for the American University in Bulgaria scholarship are flexible and comprehensive, allowing the largest number of students the opportunity to apply and benefit from this unique opportunity. Among the basic conditions:

  • Study majors: It is possible to apply in any field of study previously determined by the scholarship at the university.
  • Age: There is no specific age to apply for the scholarship.
  • documents: The application must be submitted fully supported by the required documents and facts, as delays or lack of documentation can result in the application being rejected.
  • Admission requirements: The student must meet all conditions and admission criteria at the institution (university).
  • Acadimic qualification: Obtain a recognized academic qualification.
  • Motivation and motivation: The student must have the right drive and drive to apply.
  • Cumulative average: The student must have a high grade in high school with a GPA of 5.00 or higher.
  • Physical inability: The student must be financially unable to afford the program.
  • Nationalities: There are no restrictions on the nationalities of students applying.

Learn how to convert GPA

عملية GPA conversion. May be complicated for some international students. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the system followed in Bulgaria and ensure that the GPA matches the university admission requirements. Higher education websites or admissions offices can be used for assistance in this area.

The required documents

To apply for the American University in Bulgaria scholarship, you must submit all of the following documents:

  • Document translation: Translation of documents must be done by a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well.
  • Passport or national ID: A copy of the passport or national ID.
  • Statement of purpose: A statement of purpose must be written explaining the reasons why the student wants to study in Bulgaria and how the scholarship will contribute to achieving his or her academic and professional goals.
  • Motivation letter: A letter in which the student explains his motivations and goals for obtaining the scholarship.
  • recommendation Letter: A letter of recommendation from a teacher or academic supervisor who can attest to the student’s competence and academic abilities.
  • Biography: A detailed CV that includes all academic and non-academic activities in which the student participated.
  • Statement of school grades: A copy of the school transcript showing the student’s academic performance during the previous years of study.

Registration for the American University Scholarship in Bulgaria

Registration for the American University Scholarship in Bulgaria

To obtain the American University in Bulgaria Scholarship, the following steps must be followed carefully to ensure a complete and correct application:

  1. Applying for financial assistance: To be considered for need-based financial aid and need-based scholarships, you must submit an application for financial aid and all necessary supporting documents.
  2. University admission: After obtaining acceptance, go to the official scholarship website below.
  3. Create a new account: Create a new account on the official website.
  4. Fill out the grant application: Fill out the scholarship application information accurately and carefully.
  5. Attach documents: Attach the documents previously required from you to the application file.
  6. Send request: After completing all previous steps, send the application to the donor.

For more information on how to apply, see the following video:

The American University in Bulgaria Scholarship is a golden opportunity for outstanding students seeking higher education in a global learning environment. Thanks to the university's significant financial support, students can focus on achieving their academic and career goals without worrying about financial costs. If you are looking forward to a bright future and believe in your academic abilities, do not hesitate to apply for this unique scholarship and benefit from the opportunity to realize your academic dreams.

Majors available at the American University in Bulgaria

The American University in Bulgaria offers a variety of academic majors that give students the opportunity to choose the field that best suits their interests and career goals. The majors available at the university include:

  1. Business ManagementThis major includes the study of a variety of topics such as marketing, finance, strategic management, and economics. It aims to provide students with the necessary skills to manage businesses efficiently and effectively.
  2. Computer Science: Focuses on the study of programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and networks. It gives students the technical knowledge necessary to work in the field of information technology and software development.
  3. Economy: Includes the study of economic theories, economic policies, and financial analysis. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of financial markets and the global economy.
  4. Political science and international relations: Focuses on the study of world politics, diplomacy, and international relations. It aims to prepare students to work in diplomacy, international organizations, and governmental institutions.
  5. Press and media: Includes the study of journalism, mass media, mass communications, and digital media. It aims to provide students with the necessary skills to work in journalism, media, and media production.
  6. European Studies: Focuses on the study of European history, politics, and culture. It gives students a deep understanding of European policies and developments.
  7. Environmental sciences: Includes the study of the environment, natural resources, and sustainability. It aims to prepare students to work in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainable development.
  8. English Literature and Literary Studies: Includes the study of English literature, literary criticism, and creative writing. It aims to develop students' critical thinking and literary analysis skills.
  9. psychology: Focuses on the study of human behavior, social psychology, and psychotherapy. It aims to prepare students to work in the fields of mental health and counseling.
  10. History: Includes the study of ancient and modern history, historical analysis, and archaeology. It aims to provide students with a deep understanding of historical developments and their impact on the world today.
  11. Fine arts: Includes the study of plastic arts, graphic design, and photography. It aims to develop students' creativity and artistic expression skills.
  12. Mathematics: Focuses on the study of applied and theoretical mathematics, mathematical analysis, and statistics. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills to work in scientific and technical fields.

These majors are part of the diverse academic programs offered by the American University in Bulgaria, allowing students to choose the academic path that best suits their professional and personal ambitions.