The Radar Sofia program invites artists who notice the smallest details in the world to register for travel to Bulgaria and receive full support during their stay in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Radar Sofia Artists' Competitions organize a public lecture, illustrative films and presentations as well as a suitable reading atmosphere and will be arranged on an individual basis. It also provides accommodation that makes the participating artists feel like a small place during their stay.

Conditions for Radar Sofia competitions

  • Artists can donate a verse of poetry, a page of prose, a copy of a book, a photo or anything else to the Radar Sofia accommodation but this is up to the participants' choice.
  • Any new works created, conceived or completed during the residency must mention the name of Radar Sofia when they are published or presented to the public as well as in the event of media publicity for these works.
  • Applicants must pay an application fee of approximately €21 here to show seriousness.

Application documents

  •  A copy of the passport or national ID
  •  Copies of academic transcripts
  •  Statement of purpose
  •  Motivation letter
  •  recommendation Letter
  •  Biography
  •  Statement of school/university grades
  •  Training certificates (if any)
  • Show seriousness in joining (pay the application fee of €21 here).
  • A scientific article on a specific topic
  •  A writing sample of up to 20 pages (in English) for authors, a list of links to films/performances for theater or film directors, or a collection of artworks of up to 20 slides for visual artists/performers.

Radar Sofia Awards

  • Providing a studio for artists participating in the program to hold all necessary training workshops in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Bulgarien Center.
  • Providing the necessary support in presenting or promoting your work whenever possible in cooperation with the British Council in Bulgaria.
  • For visual artists, Radar Sofia has a network of contacts with galleries, institutions adopting artistic works, as well as festivals.
  • In some cases, the Center can provide a small stipend to participating artists.
  • You will be provided with accommodation in a separate room in an apartment with other artists in the city center of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, making it easy to contact people and keep up to date with all the happenings of the Sofia art scene should you wish to explore it.

Apply on Competitions for students for a prize of up to $2,000

  • To apply, please email your application [email protected] Put your name in the subject field