Hungarian scholarship is offered For Syrians Golden opportunities for those who wish to travel to the country of Hungary and study at its universities for free.

  • Hungary and the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship program for all Syrian students
  • They are allowed to apply for the Hungarian scholarship whether they are inside Syria or outside Syria.
  • The Hungarian Scholarship Program for Syrian Students is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements
  • Hungarian scholarship applications for Syrians will be considered only if the application is approved and completed and all conditions are met.

Conditions for the Hungarian scholarship for Syrians

  • It is possible to apply in any study major previously specified by the scholarship at the university
  • The age of the applicant must not exceed what the donor agency previously specified (see the section on applying for the scholarship).
  • You must have a previous degree in accordance with the requirements of the scholarship program
  • Send the application fully supported by the required documents and facts
  • Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will cause your application to be rejected
  • You must meet all conditions and admission criteria at the institution (university).
  • Complete the scholarship application completely within the specified dates
  • The requirement to obtain a recognized academic qualification.
  • You have the right drive and motivation to apply

Required Documents

Those registered in Hungary’s scholarships for Syrians must submit the following documents:

Advantages of Hungary Scholarships

  • This scholarship funds tuition fees
  • This scholarship is funded flight costs
  • This scholarship funds accommodation costs
  • You will get assistance in submitting your student visa application
  • A monthly stipend will be provided to cover living expenses.
  • You will receive other benefits offered by the granting institution
  • For bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the equivalent of 130 euros is a monthly salary
  • For a doctorate, a monthly stipend is equivalent to 450 euros

Registration steps:

  • Application is done through the embassy in your country.
  • Create a new account on the official website.
  • Fill out the grant application information.
  • Attach the documents previously required from you to the application file.
  • Send the application to the donor.
  • When you have your acceptance letter and award letter, please start the visa application process immediately – within two weeks!